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Are you a kid or a parent with kids? Our Free Online Websites Kids Program Teaches Kids A New Skill. We Give Two Free Websites and Training. Honestly There Is No Catch!

We wish we could have learned how to own a website free when we were growing up. But such an opportunity did not exist then. I am a former educator and know kids are so eager to learn and try new things. So many times they pick up new things even faster than adults, especially when it comes to the internet. It makes sense to teach kids a new skill they can use the rest of their life. The internet is here to stay!

Learn the following facts about this program.

What Is Free Online Websites Kids?

This is a free training program designed to help anyone, including kids, learn how to work with a website. The training teaches what a website is and what to do with it. It includes 70 written lessons with illustrations and videos. The free websites are for trying what is learned. There is no such thing as doing something wrong and breaking the system.

Is Free Online Websites Kids Safe?

The websites, hosting and training have no adult content. In fact no one who has free websites is allowed to post adult material. If someone does, their website will be revoked and they will be banned from the program for life.

If you are a kid reading this, we ask you to let your parents know of this opportunity. Let them know you would like to try it. An email address is required to sign up for access. No credit card is required because there are no fees. Let them know your user name and password.

Is Free Online Website Kids Free?

The program is completely free. This is what is free: 2 websites with website hosting, building and technical support, and 70 training lessons. All of this is free for life.

If you click on an upgrade button, this means you want to become a paid member. If you mistakenly click an upgrade button get off the page. When you are asked for a credit card, you have clicked on an upgrade button! Get off the page.

How Does Free Online Websites For Kids Work?

✓ First it is necessary to sign up to get access to the program. You will need to supply a working email address, create a user name and a password. Be sure to remember your user name and password.
✓ Once you sign up, you will be welcomed by the co-founders and co-owners of the program Kyle and Carson. By the way they have young children.
✓ You will be given a link to begin the 70 free training lessons.
✓ Work at your own pace. There is no time limit. You can be a free member for life.
✓ For the very first seven days you will have access to the entire program. The paid program has so much more training, even live training once a week, videos, a community forum, live chat, opportunities to buy .com websites with free hosting, monitoring, backup and analysis. The community forum and live chat are for training purposes.
✓ After seven days you still have access to the 70 lessons and the opportunity to work on your two free websites.
✓ If you need additional help, please contact us through the contact address provided on the “Contact” page.
✓ Failure to use the training as intended means your user id and websites will be removed and banned for life.

Is Coding Skill Required?

No! Amazingly, the software builds the free websites. You choose a name for your website and select one of the free themes that appear and the software does the rest. Watch your website get built within 30 seconds.

After the website is created it will have a design based on the free theme chosen. It is ready for you to add content. The only requirement is that you do the free training. It is not as hard and mysterious as it may sound.

Why is Free Online Websites For Kids Free?

We believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to learn how to own their own website. The internet in our technological age is a way of life and a way to communicate. Owning a free website gives everyone who wants to, a chance to own their own website.

Many people have limited budgets, so owning two free websites completely free gives them hope. By the way, after going through the training many of these people begin to earn money because they have learned how to earn from their own website. Other people like to blog about helpful tips regarding their interests.

We want you to experience the program free so you can evaluate it. This gives you time to try the training using your free websites. If it is something you choose not to pursue further, you have no monetary loss, but have gained a lot of useful knowledge for this technological age.

Our philosophy is: learn, try it and then decide what you want your next step to be.

What Are The Requirements For Free Online Websites Kids Program?

Actually two things are required: 1) Desire and 2) Time.

Anyone who has a desire to do the training and own two free websites can do it. If you are young and have difficulty understanding what you read, make sure you tell your parents about this website, They can make a note of it and you can do this program when you are a little older.

It is amazing what can be accomplished with a will to do. Make sure your will power is strong and you are determined.

Learning something new takes time. Generally anyone can make time for what they passionately want to do. It is disheartening today to see how much time is spent texting and playing video games. I believe children need to enjoy childhood; but they also need to learn how to manage their time productively. This is truly something that kids can learn.

After completing the training, many free websites are converted into money earning sites. The website owner signs up to become an affiliate marketer for other company’s products. The website owner adds affiliate links and earns money when someone clicks on the links and buys the product. There is no charge to become an affiliate marketer.

What Do You Think?

Does this sound like something you would like to try? Tell your parents what you want to do. Let them know you want to sign up. Don’t be surprised if they want to sign up too. More than one family member can sign up if different email addresses are used. Each individual email address signup will get two free websites. Actually this could become a family project. How fun it would be to learn together.

What Next?

Here is the signup link.

Let us know if you have any questions. We want to help you succeed.


4 thoughts on “Free Online Websites Kids”

  1. I really like the idea that I can get my grandchildren to sign up for two free websites. Is there an age limitation for signing up kids for the websites?

    1. Hi Jerome,
      No! There is no age limit to sign up for two free websites and to get access to the 70 lessons of free training. Children who sign up however, must have an active email address.

      If they do not have an active email address, I suggest their parents either create one for then or use thier own email address. Only two free websites are given per email address.

      Hope this helps.
      JGH Webbrand

  2. Your post on how kids can use the internet makes sense. Especially by owning their own website and can begin to earn money too. You opened my eyes on getting my kids and grand kids to look at something new that might be of interest to them. Since, many of my kids have lots of friends to share with.

    Thank you for your wonderful post.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Your response is great. Hope your kids and grand kids get excited about owning their own websites.

      All they need to sign up for their two free websites is an active email address. Two free emails are given per email address.

      Let us know how things go.

      Jgh Webbrand

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