Wealthy Affiliate Review For Learn Earn Seekers

Learn What I Use For Online Success. My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review Reveals What You Need To Know Before You Sign Up For This Free Most Popular Learn To Earn Online From Home Business Opportunity Program.

I Am A Seeker Who Learned Success

I am eager to provide a Wealthy Affiliate Review for you because I am a Seeker who learned how to start my own work from home online internet business. I did not have any experience, but I wanted to learn so I could earn like thousands of others are doing today. The program I am reviewing for you did provide what I needed. I am now a seeker who learned and is now earning so I can work from home full time. This is a life changing experience and a dream come true for me.

Fortunately I did find Wealthy-Affiliate before being lured by some of these online programs that have a lot of hype, claim quick six figure incomes, ask for at least $1000 at signup and have no training, tools and support that bring real results.

I am still a member with WA after 5 years and will continue because they are truly honest, care about the success of each member, provide more than enough training, tools and support, keep adding new features as technology and the online world advance, and are very reasonably priced. How grateful I am that I can be part of such a winning opportunity.

There is so much to tell you about this program. I am trying to decide the best way to present all of it so you get a good understanding and can decide if it would be right for you.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review Table Of Contents

  1. Wealthy Affiliate Program Overview And Rating
  2. Wealthy Affiliate Review For Core Values
  3. Wealthy Affiliate Review For Training, Tools and Support
  4. Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories
  5. Wealthy Affiliate Review For Membership
  6. Next Steps
  7. Conclusion

Please Note: This Wealthy Affiliate Review is comprehensive and very lengthy so please bookmark the page or copy the URL so you can come back and review its contents if you can’t finish it in one setting.

Wealthy Affiliate Program Overview And Rating

What Is The Purpose Of This Program? The Purpose Of This Program Is To Provide Training, Tools and Support For Those Who Want To Learn And Earn From Home To Be Successful Affiliate Marketers

Who Is The Audience? Anyone Can Join Wealthy Affiliate Regardless Of Skill, Experience, Age, Global Location and Time Availability

What Is The Cost? Starter Membership Is Free For Life (There Is No Ending Trial Period); Premium Membership Is $49/month or $234/6-months or $359/year (Annual Is The Most Economical)

What About Training? The Training Is Task Oriented With Tutorials, Courses And Live Webinars   [usr 4.9]

What Support Exists? Support, Which Is Available 24 x 7 x 365, Includes Technical, Community Forum, Live Chat, Question Search For Answers Knowledge Base, Personal Mentoring, Success Stories, 1-On-1 Coaching  [usr 4.9]

What Is The Website Builder? SiteRubix Is The Website Building Using A WordPress Platform For Design And Content Creation  [usr 4.9]
What Does Website Hosting Include? Website Hosing Includes 100% Up Time, SSL Certification, Spam Protection, Website Redundancy, Speed Enhancement, Automatic Website Technical Building   [usr 4.9]

What Are The Key Tools: The Key Tools Are Jaaxy For Keyword Research, Site Content Writer For Blog Writing, Website Commenter For Community Feedback, Grading and Status Graphs Showing Website Progress, Site Rubix For Website Technical Building And Management    [usr 4.9]

Let;’s get into the details of this review. Give yourself plenty of time to digest all this program stands for and provides to help those who want to learn, help, then earn and become Wealthy Affiliate Marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate Review For Core Values

WA is built on a very strong ethical foundation. This is because Kyle and Carson, the co-founders and owners, are honest, forthright and help others.

Meet Wealthy Affiliate Founders And Owners Kyle and Carson
Meet Kyle and Carson Wealthy-Affiliate Founders And Owners

Kyle and Carson were broke college students some twenty years ago. They began using their college education by providing keyword lists as a service to online affiliate marketers. Because of their keen interest in using technology to provide a service to entrepreneurs; their keyword list site expanded and keeps expanding as online techniques and opportunities to learn and earn keep growing. Wealthy-Affiliate is now a vibrant technological hub for experienced and budding entrepreneurs. They continue to help anyone who is willing to do the training and work hard to become successful online. Caring and helping others is one of their core values.

Core Value Of Honesty

Begin honest and above board is another one of their core values. There is no fine print in their business dealings. There is no finagling or shady business practices because they understand that trust and reputation are something that is earned and almost impossible to regain if lost. In their industry they see companies come and go because of fraudulent business practices. After thirteen years of being known as Wealthy Affiliate, they still maintain high ethical practices. I have been with them for over five years and have never faced a dishonest practice.

Core Value Of Helping And Caring

Though technology and labor costs keep rising, Wealthy-Affiliate has never raised the cost of membership. Kyle and Carson continue to strive to make it possible for anyone who wants to be a member to do so. New ways to earn money by helping others in the program keeps expanding so those who are new starter members can become premium members with access to all of the training, tools and support. This is absolutely astounding.

WA supports an open door policy.  All races, gender, ages, and skill levels are welcomed. The primary language is English. Translation is performed individually using Google Translate.

Everyone Is Welcome Including You

This program is designed to reach and accommodate everyone. Therefore, anyone who wants to do the program can do so. No excuse is viable.

WA marketers exist around the world

All Age Groups Can Participate

What a wonderful idea to let children learn another aspect of the internet besides texting. Of course they must be under the supervision of an adult. Creating a website and owning it for life is smart. Think what it can mean if you start as a young adult. This opportunity is a wise investment for future earnings. The internet is here to stay and the volume of purchases made on the web increases by the day. Senior citizens like the idea of creating a website they own and can proudly showing it to their grandchildren. Keeping the mind active during the golden years of life can be achieved by learning a new skill and making money while doing so.

All Skill Levels Are Accommodated

Children of all ages are learning from this platform along with their grandparents who are not so internet savvy. Regardless of skill level, the training is written in a learn able fashion. Many internet illiterate people have joined and found a new life changing opportunity. Even those with prior ultra-affiliate marketing success benefit from the world class keyword research tool, the community forum, and the one stop shop platform for domain name purchase, web hosting, content writing, and another perspective on the affiliate marketing process approach.

Access Is Available Anywhere The Internet Exists    

The beauty of a program such as Wealthy-Affiliate is that it is accessible globally from anywhere the internet exists. The program is even accessible by multiple media devices. Multi language individuals connect through the community forum and are able to support each other. The courses and tools are in English; however Google Translate can be used to translate the online website program.

One Restriction Exists. No Unlawful Activity Is Allowed

This community is for those who want to participate ethically. Anyone caught doing unethical practices will be banned from the site without an option to rejoin.

Wealthy Affiliate Review For Training, Tools and Support

This program is known for three important pillars: Training, Tools and Support. Each of these features is kept current with today’s technological innovations and the business environment.

Fortunately for us, because Kyle and Carson are technology geeks, though they are very down to earth in conversation and way of life, the latest and greatest proven techniques and technologies are implemented to provide efficiencies and additional program features.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Review

Training Is available for Multiple Skill Levels and Media Methods. Regardless of preferred learning style, you will find something that clicks. Regardless of skill or method, the training requires action to be taken. Having been an educator before joining WA I must say that the training is very professional and action oriented. We educators always say, “The learning that sticks is that which is put into practice.”

The Courses

Beginners Courses

Beginners start with Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) which presents the basics of affiliate marketing. (50 Action Based Training Lessons).

These lessons are in written tutorial style interspersed with videos for clarification. Questions left at the bottom of each lesson are answered by a experienced member. Training is taken seriously. To get certified, all lessons must be completed. The lessons are very special because you will have an opportunity to meet Kyle, the program co-owner, video presenter and course content author.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Training Lessons Section I
Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Training Lessons Section 1
Advanced Courses

Affiliate Boot Camp is the advanced level of OEC training. It includes 78 phases with 10 lessons per phase. It explains the WA tools and how to use them, the how to and optional ways to earn money, how to establish a personal brand, and how to track website visitors and maximize the use of the statistics. These lessons are also in written style with videos included for clarification. Questions are addressed through the course comments section. Kyle presents these courses.

  1. Weekly Live Interactive Webinar Video Class for all skill levels.

These provide live interactive training which is available for replay along with an option to leave comments and questions. Webinars are presented by Jay, our very experienced affiliate marketer.

  1. Thousands of Video and Text Based Tutorials for all skill levels covering many related topics.

These are created by members who share with the community things they learn.

  1. Targeted course task based training on key topics for all skill levels.

These courses are created by our more experienced members and available online at any time.

The Training Affiliate Marketing Process Model Remains Constant

The affiliate marketing process includes four steps.

  1. A customer searches for something
  2. You add helpful niche content and links so the customer finds search related information
  3. The customer buys the item associated with our niche content
  4. You earn money from the product sold
How Affiliate Marketing Works At Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate .com

The Training Keeps Up With The Latest Media Methods

Wealthy Affiliate Training is cutting edge. Though the affiliate marketing process remains constant, the media methods keep expanding. When I joined WealthyAffiliate, Google Plus made its debut. Today Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Pinterest, YouTube and many other social media methods are used. It is reassuring to know that I can learn how to use the most recent media methods through Wealthy Affiliate training.

The Training Brings Results

I can honestly say I use the training and it works. In fact, it will work for anyone who is willing to put in the effort to learn and practice it. There is no such thing as getting rich quick; but there is online business success for those who follow the training consistently and do the activities outlined.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools Review

I know from experience the tools are a must have. They bring accurate results, save time and bring better rankings.


I use all of the tools; however my favorite is Jaaxy. Before Jaaxy, I used so many other tools in an effort to get accurate keyword results, but could not. Now I am able to search for keywords, see the average monthly search count, how many visitors I can expect if my post appears on Google search first page, how many other pages on the web already use the keyword, and what my SEO opportunities are based on competition and the monthly search count through Jaaxy. In addition I can see the top 10 pages using that keyword, their website and page URL, their meta description, keyword density, how many words their content includes, the number of links included on their website, the number of backlinks, what the Alexa Ranking is and  if they are using AdSense paid ads. The results of all of this information gives me an indication of my potential success using that particular keyword.

Initially I did not understand the above information. Thanks to WA I now know how to interpret all of the information provided and use it to my advantage. It is a real time saver and gives me a competitive edge.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool In Action
Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool In Action

Site Builder

Site Builder builds the technical portion of a website. Technical skills are not required. The tool does it all. I can sit back and drink my coffee, but I only get one sip because the build takes only 30 seconds. After the build, the website is connected to WordPress, the content management system, and I can choose a theme design, make it appealing and create page and post content to my heart’s desire. Wealthy-Affiliate does not place ads on any website nor do they limit what WordPress plugins can be used. Members are free to monetize their sites as much as they want and use WooCommerce, the most popular ECommerce WordPress plugin, if that aids in the presentation of products to customers.

Site Manager

Site manager provides access to my websites and provides a barometer of my site’s health. It takes time to reach the ‘good job’ ranking, however once I reach that rank, I know I have a well-built website that will bring monetary results.

Site Content

Site Content provides the ultimate writing platform for creating pages and posts. It provides template layout choices based on the type of content to be written, allows the creation of new templates, checks grammar and spelling, gives an article word count, provides direct publishing to my website, and gives notification when the published page is indexed by Google. I find it helpful to have so many features in one tool.

Site Comments and Site Feedback

Site Comments and Site Feedback allow members to request of a website or page/post review by WA certified commenters. This tool is especially helpful for beginners when doubts of what a good for website design and page/post content is hazy. As an experienced affiliate marketer, this tools gives me a chance to give back to the community by providing feedback on content and website design.

Wealthy Affiliate Support Review

Besides the training and tools, support is one of my favorite features. This Wealthy Affiliate Review finds the support provided on this platform to far exceed that found anywhere else. Kudos to Kyle and Carson for their outstanding provision.

This platform provides technical support, community support, live chat, discussion forum, question answer search results and private messaging. The WA support is far superior to anything available with any other program platform. Access is available 24 x 7 x 365. Because membership is worldwide someone is always available on one of these support mechanisms.

Website Support

There are times I encounter a technical website issue and have no idea how to resolve it. The technical support team is very prompt and capable or resolving my issues. They even assist in moving an existing website from another web hosting service to WA hosting. They are available 24 x 7 x 365.

Website Hosting

I do not have to concern myself with website backup and up time. Hosting includes backup redundancy, 100% up time, SSL encryption (https) which meets Google’s standards, spam blocker protection, and accelerated speed for caching to meet Google’s site speed test at no additional charge for premium members.

Wealty-Affilite Hosting Is Exceedingly Superior

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Having a central community posting tool is a wonderful thing. This Wealthy Affiliate Review acknowledges that Success Stories help a struggling member to keep trying because success will come. The success postings of others give beginners renewed hope. Likewise those who work hard really appreciate an applause from fellow members who understand the hard work that is required to achieve results.

Wealthy Affiliate Program Real People Real Feedback

This feature is certainly an added bonus to the program. Many beginners wonder how long it will take to see measurable results. They also are interested in learning how much they could earn with success. This feature gives members an opportunity to post how long it took them to reach their achieved goal and how much money they earn at their achieved goal.

There are so many variables related to success. Some members are capable of communicating more clearly and making astute observations. Others are more relational in their content. Some niches have more competition and take more time and effort. Some media methods result in more traffic than others. I could go on and on. But the bottom line is members are achieving success. Success is alive and well.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Training Tools And Support Bring Success
Wealthy Affiliate Review Training Tools And Support Bring Success

Wealthy Affiliate Review For Membership

This world class feature rich program very reasonably priced. Everyone starts as a FREE member. Can’t beat that, right?

There are two membership types: Starter and Premium.

Starter Free Membership

Starter membership is free for life. There is no trial period which ends and forces you to leave WA or pay for Premium membership. Starter member with free status is for life. The two free websites you create belong to you. A real bonus for you to capitalize on. Do the training, learn the process, market products and earn commissions on your free website for life.

Secrets For Maximizing The Free Membership Opportunity

  • Be ready to take action once you sign up. Seven days of full program access is available. After sever days access is free, but access is limited to the OEC training, two free websites, video walk-thru, 2 training classroom selections, and private messaging.
  • Clear your schedule so you can do the Online Entrepreneur Certification lessons in 7 days because you have access to all of the features Premium members do for the first seven days plus private coaching and interaction with the program owners. .
  • Be selective with the Jaaxy searches. Starter members are limited to 30 keyword searches.
  • Be active in the online community. Ask questions! Ask for help!
  • Think about extending full program access to an additional 30 days by spending $19. After the additional 30 days access to the full program is ended and no additional fees are solicited unless you decide to become a Premium member. The decision is completely up to you. Your Free Starter Membership is not cut off if you decide not to extend the 7 day full access period.
  • Desire to learn. Be a sponge. Soak it all up.
  • Be committed to taking action on the training.
  • Reach out to the WA community and share what you learn
  • Be willing to help others
  • Be consistent in making progress even when something get hard
  • Follow the process as presented not a version diluted by you.

As for me, I did realize I could be a free member for life, but I did want access to the full program so became a Premium Member for $359 a year after 7 days and lowered my annual fee to $299 during the Black Friday Special. Now my membership is $299 every year I renew.  The Wealthy Affiliate Program Platform is a REAL DEAL! When you sign up for free, you will understand what I mean.

Paid Premium Membership

Premium Membership can be paid one of three ways: $49 a month or $234 for 6-months or $359 for one year.

Access is granted to all of the training, tools and support the WA Program provides. These features are listed above.

To be real honest, being a Premium member is the best membership because so much training, so many tools and so much support is available to make affiliate marketing a real successful online business endeavor.

As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words so here is the comparison of Starter vs. Premium Membership.

My guess is you are still reading the Wealthy Affiliate Review because you want to know the truth about Wealthy-Affiliate and find out if the training it provides actually works and more importantly if the training can help you.

Next Steps

This next section is meant to help you further decide what your next step should be.

Option One
The following video summarizes what Wealthy Affiliate is in a nut shell.

Here Is “The Sign-Up Link” referred in the video.
Option Two

This video gives you a look inside the WA Program Platform.

Here Is “The Sign-Up Link” referred in the video.

Option Three

Sign Up For Free WA Membership Now! Discover A Life Changing Opportunity!

Option Four

Reflect on what you read. Re read sections of interest.

Option Five

Leave this review and continue searching for fulfillment of your dreams.


The decision is yours. We would love to meet you and help you. Helping you fulfill your dream for a successful online business will bring us great joy!

We are thoroughly sold on the content of the Wealthy Affiliate Program. This is how we keep achieving our goals.

Happy Affiliate Marketing!

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  1. I am so glad I found this. I have been looking for a program like this. Your review is very comprehensive. It is great that you give me a chance to try it out for free. I am going to sign up. I look forward to doing the 30 lessons of training.

    How long should I expect the training to take?

    Thank you again for telling me about this program.

  2. I had no idea that you could actually own a website for free.
    The owners have built a great system.

    I like that I don’t have to commit to paying out money now and if I like the program, I can become a premium member. Thank you for sharing this great post.

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