Affiliate Marketing And What It Is About

Can You Be An Affiliate Marketer And Succeed? We Are And Recommend it! We Explain Affiliate Marketing And What It Is About, How It Works, Why Anyone Can Do It – Even Beginners.

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Because we love it so much we want to help you understand affiliate marketing and what it is about, how it works and why you can do it. For quick reference this information is outlined as follows.

  • rich helpful user-friendly content

    Affiliate Marketing And What It Is About

    Affiliate Marketing is a business concept that has become popular since the inception of the internet. Brick and mortar stores are getting a boost from it because the internet plus affiliate marketing explodes their sales opportunities.

    The Retail Store Business Model For Affiliate marketing Here’s a simple example of how the Retail Affiliate Marketing Program and the Affiliate Marketer work together.

    • 1. The Retailer sets up an Affiliate Program.
    • 2. You Sign Up Free to be an Affiliate Marketer for them.
    • 3. The Affiliate Program gives you links to put on your website. The links include your unique identification so the Affiliate Program knows who makes the sale.
    • 4. Visitors come to your website and click on a product link to buy.
    • 5. The Affiliate Program receives the money paid by the visitor and ships the product. The Affiliate Program pays you the agreed upon commission.
    • 6. You make money and are delighted!

    The Real Key To Affiliate Marketing Is Your Mindset

    Would you like to become a successful Affiliate Marketer?
    If you said “yes”, here is the model mindset for successful marketers.

    • ✓ Remove misconceptions. This is not a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme.
    • ✓ Get your brain cells in gear. Get ready to do some free training. The training is proven and action based with written and video support.
    • ✓ Control your patience. Just do the training as it is presented. This is the key to success. Do not skip ahead.
    • ✓ Trust The Program. The training gives proven results. Your skill level does not dictate success. Success is determined by your dedication to doing and following the training.
    • ✓ Hang in there. Keep doing the training. Follow the process. Thousands have done it before you and they achieve success because they hang in there and trust the process. Believe me. It works!
    • ✓ Be yourself. When you build your free website, include an abundance of content. You will learn as you do. Remember your first goal is to provide helpful information, not to sell something. So help people first! They will begin to trust you and then the sales will follow. Do not start too big. Focus on one product of interest. Learn all you can about the product. Share what you learn. Your website visitors do not have the time to do the research you will do. Save them time by sharing what you learn about the product.
    • ✓ Be grateful the training is FREE! Just because the training is free does not mean it is substandard. It’s just the opposite. The training is professional and proven to work. Treat it with respect.
    • ✓ Create time driven goals. Just because the program is free does not mean you should crawl through it. Embrace the program! Jog with intent through the training program.
    • ✓ Ask for help. Get rid of your notion that your questions are stupid. Only those who ask questions make the best progress and succeed.

    Are You Ready? How Is Your Mindset? Have You Addressed The Nine Factors Listed Above?

    Here is the Free Sign-up for the training which includes 2 free websites, hosting, and 30 free keyword research searches .

    For those of you who want more detail about Affiliate Marketing, here it is.

    How Do The Affiliate Marketer,  The Affiliate Program, And Affiliate Marketing Work Together?

    In its simplest form, marketing is telling others about products with the hope that the marketed product information will lead to a sale resulting in a happy customer and earnings for the marketer and the owner of the product.

    Affiliate marketing is the act of paying a marketer, who is not an employee of the owner of the product but acts in the capacity of a consultant and is known as an Affiliate Marketer.

    The owner of the product has the option of establishing its own formal program known as an Affiliate Program which outlines the commission rates, payment terms, and other details paid to an affiliate marketer directly or using the services of a third party to handle the affiliate program for their products and also paying the commission due to the affiliate marketer.

    Affiliate Marketers have the option of deciding which Affiliate Program to join and the degree of involvement with the product and the customer. Not all Affiliate Programs pay the same commission rate. Neither do all Programs require the same degree of involvement in the marketing and sales process. Likewise not all programs provide the same degree of support and tools for the marketing process. Choose the Affiliate Program you join wisely.

    The Affiliate Marketer must have a means by which to market products. The internet is the easiest and most far reaching way. The volume of sales occurring on the internet grows exponentially year over year. The U.S. Department of Commerce report for 2018 proves there are a lot of internet shoppers. In 2018 it estimates consumers spent $513.61 billion online in 2018, up 14.2% from 2017.

    The most popular way to market products on the internet is by means of a website. Other popular social media marketing tools include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

    Affiliate Marketing And How It Works

    How The Affiliate Marketer and The Affiliate Program Work TogetherAffiliate Marketing (AM) is a process. Once The AM Program is set up, the Affiliate Marketer repeats steps three through eight over and over again.

      • 1. An Affiliate Marketing program is created and made available for affiliate marketers to sign up for free.
      • 2. Affiliate Marketers sign up for an affiliate marketing program agreeing to the terms of commission rate, payment period, terms of use, and receive a unique identification code to use when marketing products on their media of choice through the use of links.
      • 3. Affiliate Marketers create helpful, extensive content on the products they market on their internet media of choice. Product buy links are set up to include the unique identification code assigned by the Affiliate Marketing Program.
      • 4. Search engines crawl Affiliate Marketer product content indexing it for easy retrieval.
      • 5. Consumers search the internet for product information and select one for viewing.
      • 6. Consumers decide if they want to buy the product marketed. When consumers click the link to buy, the Affiliate Marketers code gets sent to the Affiliate Marketers Program.
      • 7 The product is shipped to the customer.
      • 8. The Affiliate Marketer receives payment from the Marketing Program.

    Though steps three through eight are repeated over and over again, it is important not to take shortcuts. The Process is proven to bring success.

    Understanding Affiliate Marketing And What It Is About Brings Success

    Understanding what Affiliate Marketing is about and how it works leads to the identification of success tips. We have identified eight tips as very important for success.

    • ✓ Look for products that interest you. Writing a product blog or page should not be laborious. Loss of interest is contagious.
    • ✓ Find products that are popular and rate well. Consumers read reviews and take them seriously.
    • ✓ Use a keyword research tool to identify the potential for sales. The best keyword research tools shows the average number of searches per month, how much traffic could be received if the product page or blog appears on the first page of the search engine results, the number of pages or blogs that already exist for the product, the SEO ranking difficulty and if the keyword quotient is a Go or a No Go.
    • ✓ Know the product you are marketing. Buy it and experience it firsthand. Read reviews. Read product questions and answers. Learn details from the manufacturer’s website. Read related forums.
    • ✓ Write good content. Focus on providing something unique and helpful. Show how a product solves a problem, meets a need or makes something easier. Copying the manufacturer’s product description is considered duplicate content and lowers the ranking of a website.
    • ✓ Present the content in a pleasing manner using large clear images showing the product in use. Organize the content so the flow is easy to follow. Vary the layout appearance. Use white spaces for easy eye flow. Make the buy link easy to find.
    • ✓ Limit the number of product links per blog or page. Too many are flagged by search engines as spam.
    • ✓ Track the volume of traffic, the bounce rate and read time on each page using tools. The analysis will give understanding as to how the content should be modified to get better results.

    Practicing the above mentioned tips will bring success. Traffic for any new page or blog starts slow. The key is to monitor what the traffic is doing on the page and make adjustments accordingly.

    Understanding Affiliate Marketing Makes It Doable By Anyone Even Beginners

    The above information discusses Affiliate Marketing and what it is in detail, but without taking action the information will achieve nothing.

    Therefore, we are giving you a free opportunity to sign up for some free training to help you take action on the concept “Affiliate Marketing and What It Is” so that you can learn to earn money online like other affiliate marketers are doing.

    Why Not Learn How And Earn Money For Yourself? Why not invest some time in yourself (work for yourself) and earn your own money without the 9 to 5 job?

    Prior experience is not a prerequisite. The training is written for any skill level especially beginners. Written text, illustrations, diagrams and videos are included. Each of the 50 lessons has a comment section so if you are confused or get stuck, ask a question, ask for help. Experienced affiliate marketers monitor the comment section and will provide help.

    The key is to learn and do the process. Once you do it you can repeat it over and over again. This is what gives success. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. The training works. Follow it and do it.

    What Are Your Next Steps

    • 1. Sign up for the free affiliate marketer training. Create a website of your own. (The software does the technical stuff. You do no coding.)
    • 2. Complete the training and you are on your way to being a successful affiliate marketer.

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