Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

Keeping Liquids Hot or Cold for Hours

Simple Modern Tumblers Various Colors Pros Cons
Simple Modern Tumblers Various Colors

If you are like most individuals you probably have lots of mugs and tumblers lying around the house that have never been used. You may be asking why another Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug to be added to your collection. The answer is simple. These tumblers are doubled walled and vacuum insulated which keeps liquids hot or cold for hours.

It has a splash proof seal and comes with 2 BPA free reusable plastic straws. The tumbler is made from premium gauge 18/8 stainless steel and is coated in a durable matte finish that comes in 10 plus color or pattern combinations for each size.

The exterior of the inner wall has been dipped in copper for added insulation. As you know, copper reduces the transfer of temperature, which adds more insulation to the mug.

These tumbler mugs will fit into normal sized automobile cup holders.

Another nice feature of these tumblers even when filled with ice or boiling water, the bottle will not sweat or even get hot to the touch like others. This was a deal breaker for me.

If you should have a large thirst, these tumblers come in four sizes to help quench it:

    1. 20 ounces
    2. 22 ounces
    3. 30 ounces
    4. 32 ounces

These travel mugs make for great gifts for that traveler in the family or family members that like hot or cold beverages that last longer to take with them to work or school.

The lid is made of clear tritan material that is chemical free and is dishwasher safe. There is a small opening on top of the lid to fit the straw.

In the event that you should encounter any problems or defects with the tumbler it comes with a ninety (90) day money back guarantee. Besides all this, they also make for great gifts any time of the year.

Simple Modern Insulated Mugs Video

Below is a short video about these insulated mugs. Take a look!

Product Description

Simple Modern Tumbler Specs By Size Pros Cons
Simple Modern Tumbler Specs By Size

These tumblers are available in over 10 colors and patterns. They will keep hot beverages hot for up to 5 hours and cold beverages cold for up to 12 hours or longer. The tumblers are made with 18/8 stainless steel. The exterior of the inner wall is vacuum sealed and has been dipped in copper which provides for additional insulation for keeping liquids hot or cold. The tumblers come with PBA Free plastic lids and two (2) straws. The lid is machine washable. You have the choice of selecting four size tumblers; 20, 22, 30 & 32 ounces. The tumbler is protected from any problems or defects as it comes with a ninety (90) day money back guarantee. They also make for great gifts.

 Product Specifications

Manufacture: Simple Modern
Model: Cruiser & Slim Cruiser
Weight: 20 ounce (12.9 ounces); 22 ounce (11 ounces); 30 ounce (14.5 ounces); 32 ounce (14.5 ounces)
Dimensions: 20 ounce (8.6 x 4.1 x 3.6 inches); 22 ounce (8.6 x 4.2 x 3.9 inches); 30 ounce (10.2 x 4.7 x 4.3 inches); 32 ounce (10.5 x 4.5 x 4.1 inches)
Sizes: 20 oz. Cruiser, 22 oz. Slim Cruiser, 30 oz. Cruiser, 32 oz. Slim Cruiser
Colors: Midnight Black, Autumn, Blush, Candy Apple, Caribbean, Cherry, Cotton Candy, Deep Ocean, Emerald, Graphite, Honolulu, Lilac, Malibu, Mint, Pine, Plum, Riptide, Rose Gold, Seaside, Simple Stainless, Sky, Sunshine, Twilight, Winter White, Ombre: Bermuda Deep, Ombre: Havana, Ombre: Luna, Ombre: Moonlight, Ombre: Pacific Dream, Ombre: Sorbet, Ombre: Sweet Taffy, Ombre: Tropical Seas, Ombre: Tuxedo, Ombre: Wildberry, Pattern: Carrara Marble, Pattern: Ocean Quartz, Pattern: Primrose Marble, Pattern: Rainbow, Pattern: Reflection, Pattern: Wood Grain
Lid Material: Sturdy Plastic
Hours Hot: 20 & 22 ounces (4 hours); 30 & 32 ounces (5 hours)
Hours Cold: 20 ounce (12 Hours); 22 ounce (18 hours); 30 ounce (18 hours); 32 ounce (20 hours)
Guarantee: 90 days from the date of purchase
BPA Free: Yes
Dishwasher Safe: Yes, Lid Only
In The Box: 1 Tumbler, 2 Black Straws, & 1 Lid

Product Pricing

The prices for these tumblers are provided so consumers can compare them with other similar products. The prices listed below are subject to change and may not be the actual price you pay at the time of purchase.

20 oz. Cruiser Price: $13.99
22 oz. Slim Cruiser Price: $17.99
30 oz. Cruiser Price: $19.99
32 oz. Slim Cruiser Price: $19.99

Product Rating & Customer Reviews

This tumbler is rated 4.6 stars out of 5 by over 985+ customers which is excellent. You can read all of the reviews about this product by clicking on the following link: Customer Reviews!

Questions People Are Asking About This Product

Below are some questions people are asking about this product.

Question: Can the tumbler be put in dishwasher?
Answer: No, hand wash this tumbler only.

Question: Is this tumbler microwave safe?
Answer: No it is not.

Question: Does the slim cruise fit in most cup holders?
Answer: Yes, it does.

Question: Does this tumbler sweat?
Answer: No, it does not.

Question: Are the straws that come with the tumbler steel?
Answer: No, they are plastic.

This tumbler has 77 answered questions which you can read them by clicking on the following link: Answered Questions


  1. Keeps liquids hot or cold for hours.
  2. Comes in 10 colors and different patterns.
  3. 90 day money back guarantee.
  4. 2 BPA Free plastic straws.
  5. Fits most automobile cup holders.
  6. Splash proof lid and is dishwasher safe.


  1. Price.

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