Toilet Bowl Cleaning System

Take Cleaning the Toilet Bowl to the Next Level!


Kaboom Bathroom Cleaning System
Kaboom Bathroom Cleaning System




Cleaning the toilet bowl is not a high priority on anyone’s cleaning list. Now, you can take cleaning the toilet to the next level by using the Kaboom toilet bowl cleaning system.

This system is easy to install (under two minutes) and is safe on septic systems and all toilet bowl tanks. The system won’t harm any of the toilet bowl parts. It cleans the toilet bowl with every flush.

Before using the product, you must first clean the toilet bowl. After that, just install the cleaning system and you’ll have a clean toilet bowl until the supply of cleaning tablets runs out.

You can order the refillable tablets separately.

How To Install the Kaboom Cleaning System

Kaboom Cleaning System 3 Easy Steps
Kaboom Cleaning System 3 Easy Steps

Once you have purchased the cleaning system, it is now time to install it. Below are the easy installation set-up instructions.

  1. Remove the lid from the toilet tank.
  2. Remove all components from the box.
  3. Clip the device on the back of the tank. (You may have to adjust the device so the tubes will fit)
  4. Attach the existing tube (from the tank) on the device.
  5. Insert tube that’s attached to the device into the overflow pipe.
  6. Unscrew cap from the device and open the pouch to insert the tablets inside.
  7. Screw cap back on and flush toilet to ensure that everything is working properly.
  8. Two tablets should last about 3 months.
  9. When the tablets are dissolved, replace with two new ones.

Note: You can purchase refill cleaning tablets separately.

Video – How To Install the Kaboom Cleaning System

Below is a short video on how to install the Kaboom Cleaning System in the toilet.

How Does It Work?

Kaboom Bathroom System Continuous Cleaning Action
Kaboom Bathroom System Continuous Cleaning Action

After the set-up and installation is complete, flushing the toilet cleans from the rim down with OxiClean stain fighters. After you initially have cleaned the toilet bowl, the cleaning system does the rest. All you do after the installation is just flush the toilet.

The two tablets provide up to 3 months of cleaning or until the tablets have been dissolved. Just replace the dissolved tablets with new ones.

The OxiClean system cleans and deodorizes and prevents ring around the toilet, rust, and hard water stains.

The cleaners used in this product are safe to use. However, they are toxic if swallowed. Keep pets and young children away from the toilet bowl water.


  • Easy installation and use
  • Cleans toilet bowl with every flush
  • Safe to use with septic systems
  • Refillable
  • System is out of sight
  • Won’t harm toilet parts


  • Must clean toilet bowl before first time use
  • Must keep pets and children from drinking or playing with the toilet water


There you have it, a great way to keep your toilet bowl clean without ongoing scrubbing. The Kaboom cleaning system is easy to install and use. Just drop in 2 tablets into the cleaning device and the water will do the rest.

Every time you flush the toilet you are cleaning it with OxiClean stain fighters.

The cleaning system uses tablets that are refillable. Each pouch carries two tablets which provides up to 3 months of cleaning protection.

Do not mix this cleaner with other household cleaners or chemicals. It does contain organic bleach.

Because these tablets contain chemicals, you need to protect your pets and young children from drinking or playing with the toilet water.

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