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Quick Info On PurSteam Iron

  • Where is the iron manufactured?
  • How do you self-clean a PurSteam iron?
  • How do you use the PurSteam steamer?

These questions are answered below.


PurSteam PSSI-01 Ironing Mode
PurSteam PSSI-01 Ironing Mode

The Pursteam Steam Iron provides a fast effective way in removing wrinkles from clothes. The easy thermostat control cuts ironing time in half. You save money by using tape water and not distilled. It comes with steam burst feature and is self-cleaning. The steam control is based on the fabric type being ironed.

It heats rapidly so you can iron your clothes very quickly without much waiting.

Some of the safety features that comes with this iron are the 3-way auto shut off feature, anti-calcium system, self-cleaning function, and anti-drip system. Each iron goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure it works before it comes to you. They fill every iron with water at the factory to ensure they work properly. So, when you open the box, you just might find some water drops in the water tank.

You will reduce your ironing time in half with the even heat technology that comes with the iron. It has a scratch resistant soleplate for easy gliding across any fabric. Which makes ironing a breeze.

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Pur-Steam Iron Features

PurSteam PSSI-01 Product Features
PurSteam PSSI-01 Product Features

Below are some of the features of this steam iron.

  • Model: PSSI-01
  • Weight:20 Lbs.
  • Dimensions: 11 x 7.17 x 5.47 inches
  • Steam Holes 63
  • Holds 14 Ounces of Water – Water tank is bigger than its competitors
  • Watts 1700 – Less than its competitors
  • Stainless Steel Soleplate – Delivers the ultimate gliding performance over any fabric
  • Easy Thermostat Control & Axial Steam Holes – Provides maximum amount of steam while maintaining even heat distribution
  • Vertical Steaming – Allows you to iron drapes and hanged clothes
  • 3-Way Automatic Shut-Off System – Avoids accidents and burnt clothes
  • Anti-Drip Feature – Don’t have to worry about water dripping out at low temperatures
  • Anti-Calcium System – Prevents calcium and mineral build up to increase the life of the iron
  • Self-Cleaning System – Allows water and steam to wash minerals and dust out of the soleplate if you use tap water. It’s recommended to use the self-cleaning system every 2-weeks.
  • 100% Pretested – Each iron is filled with water at the factory to ensure it works properly. So, you might find yours with some water condensation in it when you open the box.
  • Temperature Options – So you don’t have to worry about burning any clothes while ironing
  • True Position Axial Aligned Holes – Ensures a better, faster and more even results while ironing
  • Dry Iron Feature – You can use this as a dry iron on more sensitive fabrics

The Auto Shut-Off Feature

PurSteam PSSI-01 3-Way Auto-Off Feature
PurSteam PSSI-01 3-Way Auto-Off Feature

The auto shut-off feature works as follows:

  • 8 minutes of no activity when sitting on its base
  • 30 seconds when the unit is horizontal
  • 30 seconds when the unit is tipped over on its side

Please note when the unit shuts off, you may have to wait until it warms up again before ironing.


Questions About the PurSteam Iron

  • Where is the PurSteam iron manufactured? Answer: Cheyenne Wyoming
  • How do you self-clean a PurSteam iron? Answer: Unplug the iron. Fill the water chamber to the max line with water. Plug in iron. Wait for the iron to heat up. Unplug the iron. Take iron to the sink and hold it horizontally and press the self-cleaning button or move the dial to self-clean for 1 minute and shake gently. Water should be coming out of the holes. After 1 minute, place iron on its base and plug in cord and allow the remaining water to evaporate. This could take up to 2 minutes. Unplug the iron and wait for 1 hour for it to cool down. Using a damp cloth clean the soleplate. Now, store the iron away. It is recommended to self-clean the iron every 2 weeks for everyday ironing.
  • How do you use a PurSteam steamer? Answer: This iron is very versatile in that it irons horizontal, burst of steam, or continuous steam. You decide on which method of ironing you are going to use. Set the fabric to the correct temperature control setting you are going to iron. Fill the water tank with tap water to the fill line. Plug in the iron and wait for the iron to be ready.


PurSteam PSSI-01 Vertical Steam Mode
PurSteam PSSI-01 Vertical Steam Mode

This iron does provide a smooth glide over all types of fabrics. With the auto shut-off feature will prevent accidents and burnt clothes during the ironing sessions.

Uses tape water instead of distilled. It has a self-cleaning function you can use to clean the inside of the water tank and soleplate to increase its ironing life.

Every iron is pretested at the factory before it is shipped to their customers. This includes filling the tank with water to ensure that the unit is working properly. That is why some of the customer reviewers say their iron was wet (water tank) when they opened the box.

The dial has settings to choose from for the type of fabric to iron. The unit automatically goes to the proper temperature.

This is a great iron for the money. Don’t take it from me as there are over 21,370+ customer reviews giving this iron a 4.6 rating. 91% gave this iron a 4 stars or above rating.

This product has earned the Amazon’s Choice and is a Prime Shipping Product.


  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 8’ Cord
  • Measuring Cup Is Included
  • 100% Pretested At the Factory
  • 3-Way Auto Shut-Off Feature
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Anti-Calcium System
  • Scratch Resistant Soleplate
  • Variable Temperature Control
  • Spray Setting
  • Burst of Steam Button
  • Vertical Steaming
  • Dry Ironing Option


  • Made in China
  • The cord is not retractable
  • Has only 63 steam holes (Less than its competitors)

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