Premium Series Zoeller M63 Sump Pump

Premium Series Zoeller M63 Sump Pump

If you like Zoeller sump pumps, you will most certainly like this one because it is an upgrade of the best seller best rated M53 Mighty Mate. M63 is 100% cast iron inside and out except for the stainless steel fasteners, switch arm, switch guard and handle, and the AISI 1215 cold rolled steel motor shaft. The base, impeller and motor and pump housing are 100% cast iron.
Zoeller M63 Sump Pump With Premium Features

What Is Upgraded?

This Premium Series Sump Pump boasts a 5 year warranty. The float switch has been upgraded to an Integral float-operated electro-mechanical switch. The switch has an outer Viton boot. The plug lights up when electricity is flowing through it.

Why Are The Upgraded Specifications Important?

Imagine a 5 year warranty instead of a three year warranty as the other Zoeller models have except for the M95 which is a Premium Series for the M98 Series. An additional two year warranty is significant. The float is operated by an electro-mechanical switch which gives longer dependability which means less float switch replacement. The Viton boot covering the switch provides additional protection from moisture which decreases the likelihood of failure. A lighted plug is easy to spot. No tests need to be performed to know if electricity is flowing to the sump pump.

Why Is M63 A Best Rated Sump Pump?

– ✓ Cast iron, used for the motor and pump housing, base, switch cap, and impeller, gives the pump weight, provides good heat dissipation which prevents warping and cracking, keeps the impeller from nicking, and when powder coated with epoxy finish resists corrosion. The heavier the pump the less movement occurs in the basin during heavy continuous pumping.

– ✓ Stainless steel prevents rusting of the fasteners, float guard, and handle.

– ✓ The float is proteced from getting hung up on the basin wall by a strong stainless steel guard.

– ✓ The Float is solid, buoyant, polypropylene which prevents sinking and pump failure.

– ✓ The pump is ready for operation after installation providing the installation instructions are followed as defined by Zoeller because each pump is pressure tested for performance and air tested for leaks before leaving the facto5ry.

– ✓ The motor is more powerful than most 1/3 horse power pumps with a performance curve of 2,040 gallons per hour (GPH) at a 10 foot total dynamic head. Total dynamic head includes a 90-dgree angle, two 45-degree angle elbows and a check valve which cause 2-3 feet of fiction. Many performance charts do not include the friction impact caused by the elbows and check valve thus inflating the GPH.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

Verified Purchasers in Amazon are saying the following:
An Overlooked Premium Quality Pump
Reviewed February 18, 2017
This Zoeller M63 is truly a premium sump pump. The five year warranty, cast iron impeller, improved switch and the lighted electrical plug make it a standout. I ran it on a table and observed the switch operation and the smoothness of operation. It empties the water rapidly and without vibration and at a low sound level. Its standard dimensions for discharge diameter and height above base made replacement in my existing septic tank lift station easy. It took a lot of looking on the Amazon site to find this pump but I am completely pleased with it and highly recommend it

5 Star Sump Pump
Reviewed January 1, 2018
The best sump pump ever. I used this to replace the primary sump pump for a Zoeller back up kit. The pump I replaced it was also a Zoeller and it was old but in very good conditions still. As a homeowner didn’t know the age of the system so I replaced it with only the best and is very silent and fast. Definitely 5 star product peace of mind.

These Guys Are The Pros.
Reviewed February 13, 2018
Exceptional pump design. These guys are the pros.

Installation Is Easy.

The following video presents the steps for installing a Zoeller Sump Pump for start to finish. Installation is easy, especially after you have done it once. There is nothing you can break. If this is your first time for installing a sump pump, choose a sunny day and reserve 4 hours just in case.

Here are the written steps for installing a Zoeller Sump Pump.

BRAND: Zoeller
NAME: M63 Mighty Mate Premium Zoeller Submersible Sump Pump
Zoeller M63 Sump Pump Mighty Mate Premium Series
DESCRIPTION: The Zoeller M63 Mighty Mate Premium is an upgrade of the M57 with some additional quality features: an electro mechanical float switch, a Viton switch boot and a lighted plug plus a 5 year warranty. It is a best seller and best rated submersible sump pump among those with the following features: 1/3 HP, Cast Iron Housing, Vertical Float Switch, 2040 GPH and 34 GPM, 5 Year Warranty, 10 Ft. Power Cord, Green LED plug showing power to the pump, with 1 1/2 inch Discharge Port.
CATEGORY: “Tools”, “Home Improvement”, “Sump Pumps”
REVIEW RATING: 4.5 stars, based on 33 reviews




HP: 1/3 Horse Power
Type: Submersible, Automatic
Float: Integrated Vertical 2-pole
GPM @ 5 Ft.: 43 GPM (163 LPM)
GPM @ 10 Ft.: 34 GPM (129 LPM)
GPM @ 15 Ft.: 19 GPM (72 LPM)
Voltage: 115 or 230 V
Phase: 1 Phase
Hertz: 60 Hz
RPM: 1550 RPM
Amps: 9.7 Amps


Motor Housing: Cast iron
Finish: Corrosion-resistant, powder coated epoxy
Pump Housing: Cast Iron
Motor, Switch Case: Cast Iron
Base: Cast Iron
Float: Solid, buoyant, polypropylene
Impeller: Cast Iron
Screws, Switch Arm, Guard and Handle: Stainless steel
Motor Shaft: AISI 1215 cold roll steel


Impeller Type: Non-clogging vortex
Solids Handling: 1/2 in. (12 mm)
Discharge Size: 1-1/2 in. NPT
Pump Auto On: 7-1/4 in. (18.4 cm)
Pump Auto Off: 3 in. / 7.6 cm)
Max Head: 19.25 ft. (5.9 m)
Cord Length: 10 ft. (3 m)
Major Width: 10-3/32 in. (26.2 cm)
Major Height: 10-1/16 in. (25.6 cm)
Weight: 28 pounds




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1. 100% Cast Iron – The base, pump and motor housing, impeller and switch box are heavy, durable epoxy coated cast iron. This is quality material.
2. Electro Mechanical Float Switch – This design lasts longer than the simple mechanical switch of prior models.
3. Viton Switch Boot – The boot provides extra protection against the intrusion of moisture which causes switch failure.
4. LED Lighted Plug – The LED lighted plug provides a quick visible indication that the electricity is actively flowing to the pump.
5. 5 Year Warranty – This 5 year warranty is the best offered for quality made sump pumps. This warranty means the switch will not require replacement for 5 years.


1. Price.

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