Online Affiliate Programs

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What Are Online Affiliate Programs?

Online Affiliate Programs are those programs which are set up for affiliate marketers who want to market products belonging to another individual or company. The affiliate marketer wants to get paid for his efforts of marketing products. Affiliate programs are created by companies who want affiliates to market their products and get paid for their efforts. A majority of the time an affiliate marketer writes reviews about products of interest.

If you do not handle the product, collect money from the purchaser or act in a customer service role, you are said to be collecting passive income.

With some affiliate programs like Shopify, Ebay or Etsy, you do handle the product, money and shipping.

Some companies set up their own affiliate programs such as Amazon and Walmart. Other companies ask a third party to manage their affiliate programs. Third party affiliate program include companies such as Rakuten, ShareASale. C.J. Affiliate (Commission Junction).

How To Sign Up?

Type in one of the program names listed above in Google Search.  To find other affiliate programs type in your niche + “affiliate program” in Google Search. For example type books + Affiliate program and see how many programs exist.

What Is The Cost To Sign Up?

There is no cost. It is free. You are marketing for companies; therefore they pay you and it is free to join.

When To Sign Up

Make sure you have at least 20 visitors per week to your website before signing up to an affiliate program because most of these have a sales minimum requirement.

Which Programs Are Best?

Amazon is the most well –known affiliate program. Amazon also has the most developed program making it easy for affiliate to get links for specific programs an put them on their website.

There are many other good programs as well. Make sure to read the details because some will be better for your objectives than others. For example Shopify involves drop shipping. Ebay and Etsy also involve handling the product.

Read the fine print to determine which program best suits your objectives.


Online Affiliate Marketing is very rewarding. If you like to do product research and or experience product usage yourself, affiliate marketing is very invigorating. As a shopper, you know how helpful it is to find great product reviews. This type of marketing enables you to help two parties: the consumer and the product owner.

Read the fine print for the online affiliate programs that are of interest. Then sign up free.


Happy Online Affiliate Marketing!