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ThisWorx Mini Car Vacuum
ThisWorx Mini Car Vacuum




Automobile owners experience times when the car gets dirty on the inside with pets and kids. A mini handheld car vacuum can come to the rescue. These car vacuums now come with a long cord or cordless to pick up any loose dirt and debris.

What is nice about these vacuums is they are lightweight and easy to use. Just plug the cord into the 12V cigarette lighter and vacuum away those dirty areas. Or use the cordless model with its rechargeable battery to get the job done.

These vacuums come with attachments that can reach into those hard to get at areas of the car. It has a long enough cord to reach the trunk and keep it clean as well.

It comes with a nice travel case that you can take along when going on a trip or a family vacation in your car or RV. Never leave home without it.

Video – Review of Thisworx Mini Car Vacuum

This an excellent review of the THISWORX mini handheld car vacuum. The review covers what is in the box and how to use the vacuum using all of the attachments.

Vacuum Features

Now, let’s focus on some of the basic features of these vacuums. We will describe both the corded and cordless models.

Corded Vacuum Features

ThisWorx Mini Car Vacuum Features
ThisWorx Mini Car Vacuum Features
  • Watts: 106
  • Amps:8
  • Weighs:4 lbs.
  • Model: TWC-01
  • Flathead Hose
  • Extendable Tube
  • Brush Head Nozzle
  • Metal Turbine
  • Protective Lid
  • Cleaning Filter Brush
  • Carrying Bag
  • Spare HEPA Filter (Washable)
  • 16’ Power Cord (Plugs Into 12V Car Outlet)

Cordless Vacuum Features

  • Watts: 60
  • Amps:5
  • Volts: 12
  • Weight:5 lbs.
  • Flathead Hose
  • Extension Tube
  • Brush Head
  • Spare HEPA Filter (Washable)
  • Cleaning Filter Brush
  • Carrying Bag
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Holds Charge: 18 Hours
  • Push Button Operation
  • Handles Wet or Dry Spills
  • Charging Cord (Uses Car 12V Outlet)


  • ThisWorx Mini Car Vacuum Filter Cleaner
    ThisWorx Mini Car Vacuum Filter Cleaner


  • 3 attachments (flathead hose, extension tube, & brush head)
  • Uses 12V car outlet to operate (Cord Model)
  • Filter is washable
  • Filter cleaning brush
  • Spare filter
  • 16’ power cord


  • Difficulty in picking up wet spills
  • Will not clean beyond 16 feet
  • The motor must be on for the tool to operate


ThisWorx Mini Car Vacuum 16 Ft. Cord
ThisWorx Mini Car Vacuum 16 Ft. Cord

This lightweight car vacuum can do the job in cleaning those hard-to-reach areas of the car. It comes with three attachments that will help in cleaning up any loose dirt and debris. Pets and kids can get dirt and hair that can be found in those areas where it is hard to get at.

The corded model comes with a 16’ cord so that it can clean the front and back of the car but also reach the trunk as well. The vacuum uses the cars 12V outlet to operate the tool. Remember, once the cord is plugged into the 12V outlet of the car, the motor must be running for the tool to operate. Be sure to have the car in the outside area and not in the garage when using the vacuum.

Because it is lightweight and easy to handle, it can be used by everyone without any problems.

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