How To Buy The Best Women’s Digital Watch

Make A Fashion Statement With A Digital Watch

Ladies Digital Watch Timex
Ladies Digital Watch Timex

What is a digital watch? The answer very simply is a watch that tells time in numerical digits rather by rotating hands on a dial. How to buy the best women’s digital watch will provide you with some suggestions on some of the best ones on the market today. As with any type of watch, the digital model comes in various sizes, styles and colors.

Most digital watches are warn usually with everyday dress wear. Some can be worn for unique occasions. Whatever the purpose, these watches are the most affordable of all the models. The reason being is they are massed produced and at reasonable prices. These watches tend to be the least expensive of all watch models on the market.

A lot of these digital watches are given to children at younger ages. It is a great tool on how to teach them the importance of the telling of time.

Five Features in Women’s Digital Watches

This is where you will find different selections of women’s digital watches. Some of these differences and features are listed below.

  • Clear and Easy-to Read Face – This includes user related features such as backlighting, day, date, global times, etc.
  • Comfortable, Stylish Strap How it fits on the wrist is important. A standard band width size for women falls between 6 and 7.5 inches. Be sure to try it on before leaving the store. It should be comfortable to you as you will be wearing it every day.
  • Alarms and Setting Options – These options should be easy to set with a touch of a button. The display should signal if the alarm is active or not.
  • Stopwatch Features – Some digital watches are programmable, allowing you to use it in versatile ways. It also allows users to track a specific length of time by starting and stopping the timing function. Lap timers are an advanced stopwatch feature which may or not be needed.
  • Water Resistance – This is an important feature especially if you are going to use it in water. You will need to select the digital watch for the type of water related activity it will be used for. Compare options and look for the depth rating providing by the manufacture. Be sure it’s clearly labeled.

Women’s Digital Watch Concerns

Below are some of the biggest concerns women should have with digital watches.

  • My Watch Has Stopped Generally, this is due to the battery and should be replaced. Batteries often last from one to five years, depending upon the model. Replace the battery and you are good to go.
  • The Display on The Watch Has Turned Black and I Cannot See The Numbers – This happens when the watch has received a severe shock or was dropped. The digital display, has a very thin sandwich of glass filled with a conductive fluid, and has become either contaminated or cracked, causing air to leak and damage the conductive fluid. This is an expensive repair and is best to replace the watch with a new one.
  • The Digits On The Display Do Not Show Complete Numbers – The contacts that connect the digital display with the circuitry of the watch have been damaged by a shock or the contact points have been damaged. To fix this it can be a costly repair. If the watch was inexpensive, replacing it is the best option.
  • The Buttons Won’t Push In Or Will Not Return – The push buttons have a stem attached to the underside that moves in and out of a tube, which is located inside of the watch when pushed. A tiny spring, inside the watch, pushes the stem back out when the button is released. During use, dirt or corrosion can accumulate inside the tube resulting in the spring not restoring the button back to its normal position. The spring will need to be replaced and the watch taken in for maintenance.
  • The Alarm Worked Fine Until The Battery Was Replaced – The most common cause of this problem is the alarm contact spring is not in the correct position. Or, the case back was installed incorrectly, or there is a problem with the alarm contact plate. This is an easy fix. Just take it to any repair center.

Selecting Your Women’s Digital Watch

When you are ready to select the best women’s digital watch, here are some simple guidelines to follow.

  1. Determine the occasion and use of the watch.
  2. Determine the price range you are willing to spend.
  3. Water resistance. If you are going to use the watch in water, be sure to check for water resistance markings on the watch in feet or meters. These should be clearly indicated on the dial.
  4. Movement Type – Most digital watches operate on batteries. You can purchase some models that are automatic or self-wind. Determine beforehand which type of movement you want.
  5. Online review of brands. The five biggest are: Armitron, Casio, CIVO, Fanmis, and Timex. Place all watches you have looked at and are thinking about purchasing into categories. Place the selections for the style in the following order: Price, crystal type, case material, band, movement, and color
  6. Compare all the selections. If price is not an issue, look for the overall impression each one gives you. Select only those that make a good first impression. Or, if buying for everyday wear, one that fits your overall dress style.
  7. Go to any jewelry store or a store that sells watches and look for your style watch with the features you want. Try it on. How does it feel? How does it look on you? Look in a mirror to see the best results. Ask the rep if the watch comes with a warranty. If yes, ask what is covered with it. If it’s a battery operated one, do they replace the batteries. If not, where?
  8. The price for the style or manufacture of the watch may vary from store to store. However, the features of the watch will not. You may also want to check out your watch online at Amazon or other watch selling sites. You can read the customer reviews and get a sense of how they feel about the watch.
  9. After doing all of this homework, you are ready to make your purchase either online or at the store.


As you can see, finding the best women’s digital watch will take some time and effort. Knowing the reason for its purchase and the budget you have available are probably the two most important decisions prior in making any watch purchase.

As you review the watches within your price range, just focus in on the features you want the watch to have. Some of these features are; movement, crystal type, case material and water resistance, just to name a few. Each of these features will impact the final cost of the watch.

Wear the watch with pride and be prepared for wonderful comments.