Dry Food Storage Containers

BPA Free Dry Food Storage Containers

MiCasa Dry Food Storage Containers Set of 3
MiCasa Dry Food Storage Containers Set of 3

If you are like most individuals or those that have families with kids, there comes a time when you need to store dry foods to keep them airtight and not getting moisture in them. The Dry Food Storage Containers from MiCasa provides all of that and more. It comes with a set of three containers in which each container can store up to 16.9 cups or 135 ounces of dry food products.

For example, they are suitable for storing cereal, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, pasta, and pet food in these containers knowing that they will keep the dry food fresh longer because they are airtight and will keep moisture and water from entering into them.

The containers are made with high-quality BPA Free plastic which makes them safe to be used in the kitchen.

The kit comes with eight (8) reusable chalkboard labels where you can place them on the containers to identify what is stored in them. To mark the labels, it comes with a white liquid marking pen which is erasable so you can easily reuse the labels over and over again. You can switch contents for your jars whenever you need to, just wipe clean with a damp cloth to change what you have written on the label.

These containers can be used in the microwave, placed in the freezer and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

If you have a need to store dry food products, then you can’t go wrong using these airtight storage containers. They will make a great addition to your food pantry or on the countertop.

These containers also make for great gifts for the holidays or for any special occasion throughout the year.

NAME: Dry Food Storage Containers
MiCasa Dry Food Storage Containers Set of 3
MiCasa Dry Food Storage Containers Set of 3

DESCRIPTION: The Storage Containers from MiCasa comes with a set of three containers in which each can store up to 16.9 cups or 135 ounces of dry food products, and has the following features: Weighs 2.8 lbs., Dimensions 9.6 x 3.1 x 8.5 inches, Plastic Material is BPA Free, Set of 3 Canisters, Container Capacity 16.9 Cups, Model Number none.
CATEGORY: “Kitchen & Dining”, “Storage & Organization”, “Food Storage”, “Food Dispensers”
PRODUCT #: B0783Q6N14
REVIEW RATING: 4.0 stars, based on 67 reviews

Product Specifications

  • Manufacture: MiCasa
  • ASIN: B0783Q6N14
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 3.1 x 8.5 inches
  • Airtight Containers: Yes
  • BPA Free Plastic: Yes
  • Container Capacity: 16.9 cups or 135 oz.
  • In The Box: 3 Premium Containers, 8 Reusable Chalkboard Labels, 1 Erasable White Liquid Marking Pen, and Three 4 Sided-Locking Lids

Product Pricing

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  • Price: $23.99 (Set of 3)

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Product Rating & Customer Reviews

Rating: [usr 4.0]
This product was rated by 67 customers.

You can read all of the customer reviews for this product by clicking on the following link: Customer Reviews!

Questions People Are Asking About This Product

Below are the questions people are asking about this product.

Question: How are these labels reusable when I cant get the writing off to change the wording. Is there a special way to erase it after you write on them?
Answer: To reuse your labels just wipe clean with a damp cloth, let it dry for a minute and you should be able to write again.

Question: Are the containers BPA Free?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can one container hold two 12-15 oz cereals?
Answer: Depending upon the density of the cereal, they can easily hold two 12 oz. bags of dry cereal.

Question: Does the lid stay open when pouring out the cereal?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How many cups does each container hold?
Answer: Each container holds 120 oz or 15 cups. The containers also show the number of ounces.

Question: How tall are these containers?
Answer: The containers are 9.6 inches tall.

Question: I want to use these for flour and sugar, but sometimes a few will be empty. Do they nest inside each other for storing in less space?
Answer: Yes, they nest inside each other almost their entire height. There is about 2 inches of height that won’t go inside each other. They also come nested to you when shipped.


  1. Functional Design – Practical containers with a comfortable grip and a secure flap ensuring effortless use.
  2. Easy To Clean – The lids are removable to allow better access to the jar’s interior. They are 100% dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  3. Keeps Foods Safe & Fresh – You can safely store away your food without worrying about anything getting into them. These amazing food storage plastic jars have a 4-sided locking lid with a light blue silicone seal, ensuring that no air or water enters into them.
  4. Reusable Labels – The set comes with eight labels that uses a liquid marking pen that is erasable so they can be reused over and over again.
  5. Great Quality – Set of 3 high-quality BPA Free plastic containers with lids.


Now, you can store dry foods to keep them fresh and has a 4-sided locking silicone seal that ensures no air or water enters into them. You get three canisters to store and hold any type of dry foods. You can also label them with the eight labels using the erasable marking pen so they can be reused over again.


  1. The containers do not come in smaller sizes.
  2. Price.

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