Can I Create Free Website

Can I Create Free Website? Yes! You Can. We Did! We Will Show You How! No Money Needed. In Fact We Will Show You How To Earn Money From A Free Website.

The Real Deal! A Free Website Free Domain Free Hosting

This is hard to believe, right? But there are good real deals available. The challenge is finding them. Now that you found this one, let’s get into the details.

To get a free website, it is necessary to sign up to get access to the system that gives you the free websites, hosting, free domain names along with free training and many other freebies.

So here is the link to sign-up for free access.

As promised, there is no charge to sign up to create a free website, to choose a free domain name, to get free website hosting and free training. Credit card information is not required. There is no trial period. This is free.

What Else Comes Free With The Can I Create Free Website Program?

If you are new to creating a website, the following freebies may not make sense, but once you have gone through the process, you will be grateful these are all part of your free-signup. We mention these freebies because they are all necessary for creating a website. But do not let this information overwhelm you. Most of the freebies work silently in the background to make your free website work properly and make a great showing on the internet.

Here is what comes free: two domain names, hosting, design, content editor and manager, training and support. We explain each of these freebies in more detail below.

Two Free Websites For the Can I Create Free Website Program

This program offers two free websites. You are free to choose how you want to use the websites. Each one of us approaches things differently. Some people learn things very quickly and their websites look great the first time they begin adding some design and writing content.

For us, we used one of our free websites for practice. Some of the things we did on it definitely looked like a beginner. But we did not care. We knew it would take time to learn. When we felt more comfortable with the process, we created our second free website and did much better.

Two Free Domain Names

Choose A Domain Name for Can I Create Free Website You get to choose your own domain names. The training provides ideas of how to choose a domain name.

We always do a lot of thinking about what would be a good name. Sometimes we choose a name that is more general so we have several options for blog content that relates to the name. Other times we choose a name that is fairly narrow because we know web surfers have a great interest in it.

Either approach works. However, it is recommended that choosing a narrow interest is better because even a narrow topic domain name can contain expanded blog content.

Free Web Hosting

This Free Website Program makes the process easy. Free website hosting is included. If you are new to creating a website, you will be glad hosting is provided free of charge. Having your website hosted by the same company that offers the free websites makes things much simpler.

The hosting happens quietly in the background, but it does a lot for your free website. This program’s hosting provides website backup, spam protection, accelerated speed enhancement and security encryption. Many hosting programs charge for these services. So you can be glad you get yours free.

Free Website Design

choose a design theme Imagine. You get to choose a Theme which adds design to your free websites. The theme will make your website look nice right out of the box. When you gain more experience you can add customized colors and much more.

The training shows when and how to add a theme. For beginners one of the suggested free themes is HIERO. It is very simple and easy to use. For the more experienced, we recommend our favorite theme HESTIA.

A theme gives structure to your website. It allows you to create a menu and content for widgets. This terminology is explained in the training.

Free Website Content Editor And Manager

Getting to the point of adding content is very exciting. Your free websites take on personality and authority as you express yourself through writing.

People approach writing in one of two ways. There are those who are very verbal and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity. There are others who are quiet and prefer to hear others talk.

If you are someone who is challenged when putting thoughts on paper, relax! Think about your use of the internet. Why do you use it? Does it help you? What do you know that would help someone else? Use your experience and knowledge as an opportunity to help others. Let your website speak.

The content is managed and edited through WordPress. This platform is easy to use.  Storage of the content is in an easy retrievable, sorted and organized format.

Free Training For All Skill Levels In The Can I Create Free Website Program

We understand how threatening it is to create a free website if you have never done it before. Relax, the well-written action based training with videos tells and shows you how to do it. The training uses a step by step approach. It is not as hard as you think! You don’t need to know how to code or speak computer geek. The system actually does the technical part of creating a website. WordPress takes the theme you choose and makes the website pretty and gives it an editor so you can add content by means of blogs or pages.

The training is written for beginners. Hundreds of beginners have already done it. They are amazed what they can do with some guidance. Illustrations and videos certainly aid the learning process. If you are skilled and have done this, you will find the training to be a refresher. We guarantee you will learn a few new things as well.

Support For The Can I Create Free Website Program

Support is available when you need technical help. Technical support is always available 24 x 7 x 365. This includes holidays in case you want to take advantage of some free time.

During the training you may have questions or comments. The co-founders and owners of this program have already built that into the training. At the end of each of the 70 lessons is a comment section. This is the place to post your questions. Experienced members provide support so your questions are answered promptly. Everyone who has gone through the program has learned that there is no stupid question and those who ask questions learn quickest and best. So take advantage of the support offered.

An Extra Bonus Offered With The Can I Create Free Website Program

Owning a website that is all yours is fantastic; but have you given any thought to the possibility of earning from it? We provide free training and tools to do exactly that.

In preparation to earn revenue from your free sites, think about the following.

✓ What product line is interesting?
✓ Is there an intriguing product to learn more about?
✓ What product information is already known?
✓ What problems do products solve?
✓ Do your friends rave about some new products they found?

Take your ideas from the answers to the above list and think about a domain name that is catchy and related. When you sign up for your websites, you will be ahead of the game.

The easiest way to earn money from products is to become an affiliate marketer. We do it and love it. This is another freebie. There is no charge to sign up to become an affiliate marketer. One of our favorite programs is offered by Amazon. They provide so many tools and options for displaying their products. Many consumers already shop there. All you need to do is write about the products of your choice and watch your earnings grow. Before you sign up, make sure you are getting at least 20 visitors to your website per week.

Is This Program Can I Create Free Website Really Free?

Yes! It is. There are no strings attached. This is a free opportunity because we want you to experience what owning a website is like. We want you to be excited and satisfied with what you try. It does not make sense to spend money when you know little about the process. Learn about the program first.

There is no trial period. Take your time with the training and your free websites. The program is free!

What happens next is up to you. We find so many who go through this program see the wonderful potential and decide to become Premium members so they can take advantage of all the training, tools and support networks. Being a premium member costs less than a dollar a day so is very reasonable.

What Do You Think?

Are you ready to get your free websites? Do you have questions? Let us know below in the comments section. We like to help.

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Remember no credit card is required. Sign up is risk free. Enjoy! We look forward to working with you and helping you become successful.

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