Black Light Pet Urine Detector

Black Light Pet Urine Detector – Finds Dog Urine Marks!

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The Black Light Pet Urine Detector can be used in finding pet urine in hard to find areas. Unless those areas are cleaned, dogs will continue making their mark. Using a pet odor eliminator will do the job very nicely.

Black Lights Stains Displayed
Black Lights Stains Displayed

The pain purpose of the urine detector is to locate those hard to find areas where pets like to urinate to mark their territory. The black light will identify dry stains and pet urine anywhere in the home. Pets will make their marks on floors, walls, carpet, rugs, furniture and other areas you think are safe.

Dogs urinate to make mark their territory. Unless these areas are cleaned, they will continue to make their marks. The black light will assist you in exposing these areas in the home.

Once they are found, using a pet odor eliminator is the only way to ensure your pet does not continue to make their markings. There are some good products on the market today that can help you. Some suggestions: Angry Orange Pet Eliminator, Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator, and Nature’s Miracle Stain Eliminator to name a few.

Pet odor is easy to detect when you come into the house from the outside as the odor will be recognizable. With the LED UV black light detector you can find those difficult areas and get them cleaned.

Video Showing How To Use the Black Light

This is an excellent video showing how to use the black light in trying to find dog pee stains on a carpet. Take a look!

How To Use The UV Light

Now, that you smell an odor in a room, you want to locate it. These areas will not be exposed to the naked eye. You must use a black light or UV flashlight to locate them.

First, begin by turning off all the lights in the room where the odor was discovered. Shut the door, and try to make the room dark as possible.

Next, turn on the black light flashlight and wave it closely around carpet, rugs, chairs, drapes, walls and other common areas where your dog might be peeing. As you are waving the light, you should be able to see areas marked with urine. You might want to mark the areas with tape so when you turn the lights back on you know the area to clean. As those stains will not be visible to the naked eye once the lights are turned back on. Mark all areas where you find urine marks.

Finally, deodorize all the exposed areas using a pet odor eliminator. Follow the instructions on the product label. Clean all areas you marked with a piece of tape. Remove the tape. Proceed to do this for all the taped areas.

Homemade Odor Remover Remedy

In the event you don’t have any pet odor eliminator available, here is a homemade remedy you can use to remove those nasty pet odors.

To remove the dog urine smell out of carpet surfaces you can apply the following solution:

  • One cup of water
  • One cup of white vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons of baking soda

Place mixture into a spray bottle and shake it up to mix the ingredients well.  Then spray on the stained area. Let it soak into the spot for 5 minutes. Then, blot it dry, using towels until clean. Repeat this process for all the other stains found.


With a black light flashlight you can discover where your pets are secretly doing some pee marking on your floors, walls, carpets, rugs and other places. Without a black light, you cannot see these areas with the naked eye.

We provided a home remedy in case you may have any pet odor eliminator on hand.

Most importantly, as soon as you smell pet odors, it is vital that they be cleaned as quickly as possible. Otherwise, your pet will continue to do his marking until they are cleaned up.

Remember, dogs like to mark their territory and they do with using their urine. So, use your black light flashlight in becoming a Sherlock Homes in your house to find those smelly dog odor stains.

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