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ThermoPro TP-07 Wireless Remote Digital Thermometer
ThermoPro TP-07 Wireless Remote Digital Thermometer

When you have guests over for dinner and getting things ready, you are constantly checking the temperature of the meat to ensure it’s not overcooked. If you are like most meal planners you probably have done this a lot. Now, take baking and cooking to the next level by using the Best Digital Cooking Thermometer made by ThermoPro. It’s the ThermoPro TP07 wireless remote digital cooking food thermometer.

You may be asking what is different about this thermometer. For instance, it comes with 9 preset meat modes for beef, ground beef, ground poultry, pork, chicken, poultry, lamb, fish, and veal, and up to 5 taste modes; rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, and well done. The preset mode temperatures and cooking levels were recommended by the USDA and those temperatures have been pre-programmed into the cooking thermometer unit.

The wireless thermometer comes already pre-synchronized at the factory and is ready to go when the batteries are inserted into the receiver and transmitter (smaller of the two).

If the programmed preset modes don’t fit your specific recipe, you can override those settings by using the program function. The timer has a countdown or count up feature to remind you when the cooking time is finished. You will be alerted by an emitting beeping alarm sound. This reminds you to remove the food from the oven or grill.

The probe is inserted into the meat or fish which is 6.5” food grade stainless steel. The probe is accurate within + or – 1.8 degrees F. Its lower range is 32 degrees F to a maximum of 716 degrees F.

ThermoPro TP-07 Backlit Color Changes
ThermoPro TP-07 Backlit Color Changes

Another huge feature of this thermometer is the digital and LCD backlit display. The numbers are easy to see. The back-lit changes color as your food is cooking. The back-lit display changes to Blue when the temperature goes up 10 degrees. Turns to Green when the preset temperature is within 15 degrees. Turns to Red when the preset temperature is reached.

The wireless transmitter works within 300 feet of the receiver. So, you can do other things to finish with the meal or cleaning the dining room or kitchen while the food is cooking. The transmitter is the smaller of the two units.

By just looking at the face of the remote will let you know the condition of the food by the color of the back-lit display.

There is a low battering warning to remind you the batteries need to be changed.

TP07 Video

Below is a short video from ThermoPro with usage functions and assembly instructions for the TP07 wireless thermometer. Take a look!

Program Buttons

The unit has buttons to assist you in selecting the type of meat being cooked and the doneness of taste. If the preset temperatures don’t fit your situation, you can select the program button to set the temperature manually. You can change the display from F to C by pressing the appropriate button. The timer counts down or up by selecting the hour or min.  and then the start button.


When you get your wireless thermometer you must assemble it.

    1. First insert the 2 AAA batteries into the transmitter (the smaller of the two)  and 2 AAA batteries into the back of the receiver (the larger unit).
    2. When this is done, it will begin to sync up automatically.
    3. Insert the probe into the slot and after a few seconds, the temperature is displayed on the screen.
    4. You are now ready to use the wireless thermometer.

Using The Wireless Thermometer

ThermoPro Digital Thermometer In The Box Accessories
ThermoPro Digital Thermometer In The Box Accessories

Step 1: Place the meat probe into the thickest part of the meat avoiding any bones or fat deposits.
Step 2: Set the meat and taste modes, by using the pre-programmed settings or use the manual program setting function.
Step 3: You will need to set the oven or outside BBQ to the same temperature. The oven should be preheated to the correct temperature as the wireless receiver.
Step 4: While the meat is cooking, the receiver will change the LCD display screen from blue, to green & red. When the red color is displayed an alarm sound will beep to inform you the cooking time preset temperature is reached.

Product Specifications

Manufacture: ThermoPro
Model Number: TP07
Weight: 8.3 ounces
Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.6 x 6.1 inches
Display: LCD Back-lit
LCD Back-lit Colors: 3 (Blue, Green, & Red)
Preset Meat Modes: 9 (G. Beef, G. Poultry, Beef, Veal, Chicken, Pork, Poultry, Lamb, & Fish)
Preset Taste Modes: 5 (Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done)
Countdown and Up Timer: Yes
Manual Override Function: Yes
Power: 4 AAA Batteries (Included)
Battery Life: 3 to 6 Months
Transmitter Range: 300 Feet
Temperature Probe Material: Stainless Steel
Probe Length: 6.5”
Probe Cord Length: 40”
Probe Suitable For Oven Use: Yes
Will Probe Work In Liquids: No (Unless probe does not touch liquids)
Beeps When Food Is Done: Yes
Temperature Range: 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C)
Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8°F/1°C
Hassle Free Set-Up: Yes (Transmitter and receiver are pre-synchronized at the factory)
Low Battery Warring: Yes
Warranty: 1-Year on Device & Lifetime on Probe & 30 Day Return
In The Box: 1 Digital Cooking Receiver, 1 Digital Transmitter, 1 Food Probe, 4 AAA Batteries, and Manual
Where Made: In China

Product Rating & Customer Reviews

This product is rated 4.3 stars out of 5 by over 4,066 customers which is very good. You can read all of the customer reviews about this product by clicking on the following link: Customer Reviews!

 Questions People Are Asking About This Product

Below are just a few of the 223 questions people are asking about this product. If you want to read all of the questions, just click on the following link: Answered Questions!

Question: Where is the best place to put the probe in a chicken when roasting?
Answer: The thickest part of the meat away from bone is the ideal location.

Question: What is the length of wire between the temp probe and the connector?
Answer: The probe cable is approximately 40″ long.

Question: Is this product suitable for use in an oven?
Answer: Yes. I have used it numerous times for various types of meat in the oven and it works remarkably. I have tried using all types of meat thermometers and nothing works like this unit.

Question: Can this product be used in an electric roaster?
Answer: I have used it in an electric roasting pan. Sender reader sets on the counter and sends temp to the wireless receiver.

Question: How can I cancel the blue flashing light? I don’t care that the temp has increased by 10 degrees. It’s annoying.
Answer: This feature cannot be cancelled, we are looking to addressing this in future models – ThermoPro.


      1. It has 9 pre-programmed meat settings.
      2. It has 5 pre-programmed taste settings.
      3. Comes with an LCD back-lit display for easy reading.
      4. The wireless remote works within 300 feet of the transmitter.
      5. The unit automatically syncs when the batteries are installed.
      6. Temperatures can be set manually.


      1. Price.
      2. The probe cannot be placed in liquids.
      3. The unit monitors one temperature setting at a time.


I think you will agree with me that this is the best wireless thermometer device. It will notify you when the food is done by beeping an alarm. The face of the receiver will change colors to give you instant notification of where your meat is in the cooking process. The red indicating that food is done. This is a great wireless thermometer that you will be using over and over again. You will be glad it’s part of your useful kitchen gadgets.

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Replacement Probes

1 Replacement Probe TP07 Unit Set of 2 Probes

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ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer


9 Programmed Meat Settings


5 Programmed Taste Settings


Receiver Works Within 300 Feet of Transmitter


1-Year Warranty


Temperatures Can Be Set Manually



  • 9 programmed meat settings.
  • 5 programmed taste settings.
  • Receiver has a 300' range of transmitter.
  • Temperatures can be manually set.
  • Display has 3 colors to show the progress of food being cooked.


  • Price.
  • Cannot place the probe in liquids.
  • Device is limited to monitoring one temperature at a time.