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Best Cordless Air Dusters Takes Dusting Devices To The Next Level

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Here Are The Key Elements For The Best Cordless Air Dusters.
1) Things That Can Be Cleaned.
2) How Powerful Are Air Dusters?
3) Air Duster Features.



Best cordless air dusters are used for dusting large objects and the underside of other things continuously and saves you money than using canned air. Best cordless air dusters are used for loosing dust and dirt from electronic devices via a pressurized blast. They also save you money by not having to use pressurized air in a can.

Because of their portability and being cordless they can be used anywhere. Now, you can keep your electronic devices running like a charm without all that dust collected in hard to reach areas. With this device, you can eliminate buying those dust air cans.

These air dusters require charging of the battery and work fully charged for up to 30 minutes continuously on a single charge. The batteries do require you to recharge the battery when it’s low so it will be ready for the next job.

Works in any area where dust collects in the car, home and electronic devices. You can use this duster at home or in the office.

Things That Be Cleaned

Below are just a few of the things that you can use with compressed air.

  • Keyboards. Compressed air really does an excellent job to remove dust and dirt between the keys without taking anything apart. If you use your computer every day, this is for you.
  • Device Ports or Jacks. With compressed you can blow out the dust and particles out of the nooks and crannies in your phone or other devices.
  • Coffee Grinders. If you should experience coffee beans jamming up your grinder, you can remove them using compresses air.
  • Delicate Keepsakes. Many people like to decorate their homes with trinkets, memorabilia, and souvenirs. Compressed air is gentle enough to remove any dust on all kinds of décor.
  • Car Dashboard. Now use compressed air to remove dust and dirt from the car’s air vents and dashboard or center console.
  • Vacuum Cleaners. Use compressed air to remove the dirt that is trapped between the brush roll, canister and filters. It’s a great way to keep your vacuum in tip top shape.
  • Lampshades. Lampshades collect dust and every time your fingers touch one you extract some dust. Instead of using a damp cloth, use the compressed air duster. It does an excellent job.
  • Fans. If you use a fan in the house, you will see some dust and dirt accumulating on blades of the fan. Use the compressed air duster to remove this dirt from them. Much easier.
  • Blinds. Dusting blinds can become a difficult chore. Now, with a compressed air duster, it makes this cleaning chore much easier and saves you time as well.

The bottom line here is you can use compressed air for doing those very difficult areas to remove dirt and dust from. This avoids making a dusty mess in the home. Now, you don’t have to use those compressed air cans anymore, which will save you some money.

By not using the compressed air cans, you make it better for the environment with no can to throw away into the landfill.

How Powerful Are Air Dusters?

Some of the air duster models have more than one speed such as low and high. Models will vary but most will come with a low speed of 33000 rpm’s and the high speed of 60000 rpm’s. They are designed to provide a powerful thrust of air 30m/s when it’s needed for cleaning computers, keyboards, electric instruments and electronic components.

They have more than enough power to do the job very well. Because it’s portable and cordless, it can be used anywhere. They are better than those canned dusters as they can cause frostbite to exposed skin.

Also, some duster models can blow away or suck dust in because it’s a duster and vacuum all in one. You get to choose which mode to use.

When they are in operation they will make a loud noise almost like a vacuum cleaner. The decibels will vary depending on the model and if they have more then one mode of operation. The higher the RPM’s the louder the noise.

These cordless dusters come with a filter that is easy to clean with water so you will never have to replace it. They come with built-in rechargeable batteries so they don’t have to be replaced.

Air Duster Features

Let’s look at some of the features that the air dusters come with.

  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • USB Port For Recharging the Battery
  • Up To 30 Minutes of Continuous Run Time
  • 3 Hours To Fully Re-Charge Battery
  • Duster & Vacuum Cleaner in One (On Some Models)
  • Speeds Vary from 33000 to 60000 RPM’s
  • Removable Filter for Easy Cleaning
  • Multifunctional Nozzle Tools (on some models)
  • Portable & Easy To Handle

You have to decide on the air duster model features that are best for your needs. Not all air dusters have all of the features mentioned above.


  • No Purchase of Air Duster Cans
  • Easy to Use and Handle
  • Portable
  • No Cords To Get In The Way
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Recharging USB Port
  • Powerful Motor


  • Limited Continuous Run Time
  • Recharging Batteries Can Take 3 Hours or More
  • Makes Loud Noise When Operating

Questions About Air Dusters

  • What can I use instead of air duster? Answer: You can use canned air. For non-canned alternatives you can use a ESD-safe brush, a bulb dust blower, and hurricane canless air. Any of these can do the job well saving you money in buying an air duster.
  • Is compressed air the same as an air duster? Answer: Basically, yes. An air duster is also called canned air, compressed air, and dusting gas. They are used to provide a pressurized blast, knocking out loose dust and dirt in hard-to-get areas especially on computers and cell phones.
  • How long do air dusters last? Answer: If you should use an air duster at the high setting, depending upon the model, you should get anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Be aware the unit may take longer to re-charge the battery than the usage time.


A cordless air duster is a great way to improve the environment by not have to purchase those air duster cans. Removing dust from electronic devices is necessary for them to work without any issues. Dust can collect inside them and mar their performance.

The cordless air dusters will have varying features which you will have to decide on which is best for your situation. Not all air dusters are alike. Some will have features that other will not have. Those will probably be less expensive. As prices of these dusters do vary depend upon the manufacture and features it has.

The bottom line here is if you work with electronic devices having a cordless air duster will come in handy. Some models do both blow and suck in dust.

We shared that these dusters can also help out in other areas around the house and automobile besides electronic devices.

Be sure to choose the duster that is best for you.

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