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Bellemain Micro Perforated Stainless Steel 5-Quart Colander Silver
Bellemain Micro Perforated Stainless Steel 5-Quart Colander Silver

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If you are the chef in the family that does most of the cooking, there will be times when you need to drain the water out of cooked foods like pasta, beans, and grains. The Bellemain Stainless Steel Colander is just the product for you. The colander has holes that are less than 1/16” in diameter which allows the water to drain faster. Now, no more watching the spaghetti or rice slip through the holes. It makes cooking a lot easier.

With this colander you can drain most beans, pastas, fruits and vegetables. It has holes on all sides so water cannot form puddles. You can drain foods without having to tilt the bowl which is an added bonus.

If you are a serious cook in the family, you’ll need a colander and this model is just the best in its class.

No slow or incompletely draining water. No worries about warping, scratching, rusting or tipping over. Whether you’re boiling pasta, steaming vegetables or washing fruit, the Bellemain Stainless Steel Colander simply makes your life a lot easier.

The product is made with 18/10 stainless steel which will give you a long lasting colander that will not rust and is easy to clean in the dishwasher. It holds up to 5 quarts and has two handles on the side for easy lifting.

Another use of the colander is at special occasions, parties, or holiday celebrations when you can place fruit in it or any other type of dry food for the guests.

BRAND: Bellemain
NAME: Bellemain Stainless Steel Colander

Bellemain Micro Perforated Stainless Steel 5-Quart Colander Silver
Bellemain Micro Perforated Stainless Steel 5-Quart Colander Silver

DESCRIPTION: The Bellemain colander has small holes to allow the water to drain very efficiently as most pastas, grains, and beans will not clog up the holes, and has the following features: 5-Quart Capacity, Made of Stainless Steel, Wont Rust, Weighs 4 lbs., Dishwasher Safe, Base Dimension 6 Inches, Color Silver, Model Number SYNCHKG071966.
CATEGORY: “Kitchen & Dining”, “Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets”, “Colanders & Food Strainers”, “Colanders”
REVIEW RATING: 4.7 stars, based on 2,912+ reviews

Product Description

This colander has small holes to allow the water to drain very efficiently as most pastas, grains, and beans will not clog up the holes. It is made of stainless steel from the bottom up to the rim. It has a base which helps the colander from tipping over easily. The colander has a capacity of 5 quarts.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacture: Bellemain
  • Model Number: B00O97D0DO
  • ASIN: B00O97D0DO
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 6 x 11.6 x 5.5 inches
  • Base Dimension: 6 inches
  • Made of: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Capacity: 5 quarts
  • Rust Proof: Yes
  • The Bowl: The entire bowl is a mesh accept for the rim

Product Pricing

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  • Price: $16.95

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Product Rating & Customer Reviews

Rating: [use 4.7]
This colander was rated by over 2,911 customers.

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What Questions Are People Asking About This Product?

Below is a small sample of the questions people are asking about this product.

Question: Where is it made?
Answer: China.

Question: Will quinoa fall through the holes?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is the outside of this colander rough or sharp due to the punching of the holes?
Answer: It’s slightly rough, but repeated washing seems to be taking down some of the roughness.

Question: Is the mesh fine enough for straining cheese curds?
Answer: Yes. The colander is made from perforated metal. The holes vary in size and shape: from approximately .06″ closer to the rim, to ~.09″ at the bottom.

Question: Any rust issues with long term usage?
Answer: I haven’t seen any rust. Great product.

Question: Is the bottom inside the ring perforated? If solid, does it hold liquid when draining items?
Answer: Then entire thing is perforated, so yes, bottom drains, which is why I bought it. I couldn’t be happier with this product.

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  1. Dishwasher Safe – The Bellemain is a solid indestructible stainless steel which offers many years of performance. When finished draining your food, just throw it in the dishwasher it’s that easy.
  2. Solid Ring Base – This colander is one solid circle of stainless steel that keeps the colander safely level.
  3. Closely Configured Holes – The closely configured holes drain the water faster because there is less dolid surface to slow it down. The entire bowl, from the bottom to the rim, is perforated, so there’s nowhere for water to get trapped.
  4. Micro Holes Keep Tiny Grains From Falling Through – Holes are less than 1/16” in diameter that prevents cooked rice and orzo from going down the drain.
  5. Heavy Duty Steel To Last A Lifetime – The high quality steel for a colander that is thicker and more durable than its competitors which helps it to last a long time.


  1. Price.
  2. The holes might get clogged up when draining small grains like quinoa.

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