Bagail Reverse Umbrella

 An Umbrella That Keeps You Dry All The Time

Bagail Inverted Umbrella Colors C-Shape Handle
Bagail Inverted Umbrella Colors C-Shape Handle

Your problem is when you got up and have to get to work or school and discover it’s raining very hard outside and you use an umbrella to keep yourself dry as you walk to the car. The umbrella keeps you dry until you try to get into your vehicle and have to close it and when you do, it dumps some water on you. Now, you can use the Bagail Reverse Umbrella that uses a reverse fold so it does not dump water on you when you close it. This is a totally remarkable umbrella that you will not want to be without.

It has a unique C-shape handle that can be placed over your arm which makes your hands free for holding stuff like a bag, mobile phone and a baby. The inside out design prevents water from dripping and keeps you dry. It is also anti-ultraviolet up to UPF 50 on the fabric. It’s perfect for sunny and rainy days.

It’s made of double layer pongee cloth that is durable and windproof that will keep you dry when you get in or out of your car when it’s raining. It is easy to store as it can stand up on its own. A unique feature of this umbrella it will keep the wet part inside once you have closed it.

The umbrella comes in 20 different color shades with the C-shape handle and 10 colors with the straight handle that one of these should fit your style.

If there is a gift you need to get someone, you may want to consider getting them one of these umbrellas.

Because of its size, it will not fit in a purse or briefcase.

Video – How To Use The Umbrella

Below is an excellent video showing how the umbrella works in the rain going in and out of the car. You will be amazed just how good this umbrella works. Take a look!

Product Description

Bagail Inverted Umbrella Features
Bagail Inverted Umbrella Features

This umbrella comes with a C-shape handle that fits over your arm which makes your hands free for holding other things if needed. When indoors, the umbrella stands up on its own when closed saving space. Can be used on sunny and rainy days. The inverted design allows the surface of the umbrella cloth wet from rain to be folded so you won’t get wet going in or out of the car. It helps protect you from the anti-ultraviolet rays with a rating of UPF50. It’s made of pongee cloth with durable double layer ribs to make umbrella sturdier. It comes with 21 different colors with the C-shaped handle and 10 colors with the straight handle.

Product Specifications

Manufacture: Bagail
Weight: 15.8 ounces
Diameter Dimension Fully Opened: 47.2 inches
Length Dimension Fully Closed: 31.9 inches
C-Handle Colors: 21 (Black, Blue, Blue Dot, Blue Flower, Clouds, Gray Grid, Orange, Orange Flower, Peacock, Pink, Purle Daisy, Rainbow, Red, Red Dot, Red Flower, Red & White Dot, Sky, Starry Sky, Stripe, Sun Flower, & White Dot)
Strait Handle Colors: 10 (Black, Blue Dot, Blue, Gray Grid, Navy, Peacock, Purle Daisy, Red, Sky, & Starry Sky)
Inverted Design: Yes
Durable & Windproof: Yes
Easy To Store: Yes
Warranty: Full refund within three months of purchase.
Anti-Ultraviolet Protection: Up to UPF 50

Product Pricing

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Price: $21.99

Note: The price for this umbrella is subject to change without notice.

Product Rating & Customer Reviews 

Rating: [usr 4.3]

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Questions People Are Asking About This Product

Below is a small sample of the questions people are asking about this umbrella.

Question: What is the size when it’s opened?
Answer: 46 inches.

Question: Does this umbrella automatically open and close?
Answer: No, you must push a button to open and close.

Question: Is the “C” handle tiny?
Answer: No, I it’s not tiny but easy to handle.

Question: How long is the umbrella when it’s closed?
Answer: 31 1/2 inches

Question: Does this umbrella come with a sleeve or case for storage?
Answer: No, it does not.

This product has 89 answered questions in total and you can read them all by clicking on the following link: Frequently Asked Questions!


  1. Uses reverse fold technology that prevents water from dripping when getting in and out of the car.
  2. Anti-Ultraviolet up to UPF 50.
  3. Uses a C-shape handle that fits over your arm to allow you to carry other things if needed.
  4. Comes in 21 colors with the C-shape handle and 10 with the straight handle.
  5. Easy to store.
  6. Made with pongee cloth.


  1. Price.
  2. Comes with no sleeves to store it.
  3. Some customers reported that the metal tips may fall off the ribs.
  4. May not fit in a purse or briefcase because of its size.

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