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Here Are The Key Elements For Amazon Glow.
1) About Amazon Glow
2) Amazon Kids+ Subscription Fees.
3) How Is Glow Different From Other Video Devices?
4) Amazon Glow Activities.
5) Child Protection.
6) Amazon Glow Technical Specs.


Amazon Glow
Amazon Glow Video Projector

Amazon Glow video chat is a new device to communicate with loved ones who are far away. Play interactive games, visual art activities, read animated storybooks. This is a great way for those that are in nursing homes, live in other states, to chat and interact with their children or grandchildren. They can see them as well as chat with them at the same time. No need to bring up Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or any other online device just to talk with a loved one Amazon Glow is all you need.

Loved ones that are far away would like to interact with their children and grandchildren in some way besides just talking to them on their smartphones or tablet. Now a new app that is being introduced by Amazon will take speaking with others to a new level.

Besides seeing a video of the caller, the both of you can interact with each other by playing games, puzzles, and other activities. This is great for kids interacting with other family members who are far away.

This is a great way for family members to bond during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is also excellent way for you to interact with your family member who may be in the nursing home or assisted living. As long as they can operate their smartphone or tablet, both of you can interact with and see each other too.

This item is limited to request an invitation until it’s made available to the public in 2022. Be the first one to own this video chat projector.

Video – Amazon Glow Review

Below is an excellent video explaining everything bout the new Amazon Glow Video Chat Projector. Take a look!

Amazon Kids+ Subscription Fees

Below are the fees associated with the Amazon Kids+ subscription.

Monthly               $4.99 (Single Child)
Monthly               $9.99 (Family up to 4 children)
Mo. Prime           $2.99 (Single Child)
Mo. Prime           $6.99 (Family Up to 4 Children)
1-Yr Prepaid        $99.00 (Single Child)
1-Yr Prepaid        $69.00 (Family Up to 4 Children Prime)

If you are ever not satisfied with the subscription, you can cancel the free trial or monthly subscription at any time by visiting or

About Amazon Glow

Amazon Glow Play Together
Amazon Glow Play Together

Currently, Amazon Glow is not Alexa enabled or compatible with Echo Glow. The device and companion app are available in the US only. It is  available by invitation only until it is released to the public in 2022. The invitation only price is $50 less than the public offering price of $299.99. This device is for kids ages 3 and up.

A subscription is required to access Amazon Kids+ content on Glow. With the Glow purchase, you automatically get a 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+. For users who already have an active subscription to Amazon Kids+ your subscription will be automatically replaced as soon as you activate Glow, and your subscription will expire 1 year from that time.

The Amazon Glow device is compatible with iOS14.0+ Tablets and Smartphones and Android 8.0+ Tablets and Smartphones. To interact with the child you will need any of the following:

  • iOS14.0+ Tablets
  • Android 8.0+ Tablets

Note: Coming soon Fire Tablets.

Below are the instructions on how to set up Amazon Glow.

  1. Set-up your Glow: Plug-in, connect to Wi-Fi, download the Glow app on your smartphone or tablet, and add contacts.
  2. Ask remote family members to download the Glow app on their tablet.
  3. Start Bonding

How Is Glow Different From Other Video Devices?

Amazon Glow Read Together
Amazon Glow Read Together

Amazon Glow differentiates itself by providing more than just another connected screen experience. It uses technology to create an interactive, projected space in front of the device to provide a surface for virtual activities — like games, art, puzzles, and more — to give the feeling of an in-person experience.

This is accomplished by Amazon Glow combining immersive projection, sensing technologies and video into a single device. Unlike other smart screens on the market, the Glow doesn’t look like a tiny TV. Instead, its 8-inch display stands up vertically and a projector creates a 19-inch touch-sensitive space in front of the display for playing virtual games and engaging in other activities with remote family members who are participating on their own tablets.

This gameplay takes place on a special mat, which is also included with the device.

Now, with Amazon Glow, kids and their loved ones can play games like Chess, Checkers, Go Fish or Memory Match. Read from thousands of children’s books together, draw using digital pencils, crayons, brushes or spray paint, among other activities. The idea is to make the remote, digital play feel more like the sort of experience you’d have if you were in the same room with the other person.

This interaction takes place with both individuals whether close or far away. Now make the holidays more pleasant with children interacting with loved ones who are far away. During the pandemic this video call can bring family members together in a new way that was not possible before.

Amazon Glow Activities

Amazon Glow Unlock A World Of Content
Amazon Glow Unlock A World Of Content

The Amazon Glow can also do things that combine physical objects and digital play. For example, it can scan the child’s favorite toy then turn it into a custom jigsaw puzzle by projecting the digital scan on the flat surface in front of the device. The child then smashes the digital scan into bits with their hand to turn it into a puzzle. Or they can scan a drawing they made on paper then transform it into a new artwork, with their family member’s help, by digitally drawing on the scanned version.

It also comes with something called “Glow Bits,” which are physical objects designed to work with the new device. The first Glow Bits kit is the Tangram puzzle game, where the child uses the puzzle bits to solve challenges while the remote family member plays along using digital puzzle shapes on their tablet’s screen.

Glow will support special activities from favorites in children’s entertainment:

  • Anna and Elsa from Frozen
  • Woody and Buzz from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story
  • Characters from Mattel’s Barbie and Hot Wheels
  • Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob, Square Pants and Dora the Explorer
  • Elmo, Zoe from Sesame Street

The device is mainly aimed at families who want to stay in better touch with others from a distance. This could be used with families where one parent travels a lot, with grandparents who live far away, and so on. It also could be helpful during this pandemic era, when families have been spending more time isolated from each other for COVID safety.

Child Protection

Amazon Glow doesn’t allow the child to just call anyone they choose, of course. A parent or guardian will have to first configure the Amazon Glow by providing consent and pre-approving the contacts the child is allowed to call. This way, parents could limit the device only to family members or trusted family friends. And at any time, the parent can disable the cameras and microphone by closing the physical privacy shutter on the device.

Amazon Glow is also not an Alexa device, so no voice or video recordings are collected. It also doesn’t track or save location data or even the drawings that are made.

However, Amazon will retain things like profile preferences and activity history to suggest relevant activities and content available with the included Amazon Kids+ subscription that families may want to try.

Amazon Glow Technical Specifications

  • Size: 6 x 5.4 x 12.2 inches
  • Mat Size:2 x 12.1 x 0.04 inches
  • Weight: 57 oz. (1615 g)
  • Projected Display:2 Inches (Touch-Sensitive Projection)
  • LCD Display: 8” High-Definition Touchscreen (1280 x 800 Resolution)
  • Cameras: 720p HD Profile & Projector Cameras with Built-In Shutter
  • WiFi Connectivity: Dual-Band, Dual-Antenna Wi-Fi (MIMO). Supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 & 5 GHz) Wi-Fi Networks. Does not support connecting to Ad-Hoc (or Peer-to-peer) WiFi Networks.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Audio: 10W Speaker, 3.3” x 1.3” Size (83.8 mm x 33 mm)
  • Alexa Built-In: No
  • Parental Controls: Glow offers controls including kid-appropriate content and the Amazon Parent Dashboard
  • Age Range: Ages 3 and up.
  • Language: English; Amazon Kids+ may ;provide access to Spanish-language books
  • In The Box: Amazon Glow, Projection Mat, Mat Case, Power Adapter (30W) /cable (5.5 ft.), and quick start guide
  • Included In The Bundle: 7 Tangram Puzzle Pieces
  • Subscription: Purchase Includes 1-Year of Amazon Kids+ for New Subscribers. A subscription is required to access Amazon Kids+ content on Glow, including e-books and Glow’s interactive games, visual arts activities, and Animated Storybooks. For customers who already have a subscription to Amazon Kids+, your active subscription will be automatically replaced as soon as you activate a new Amazon Glow device, and you’ll receive one year of Amazon Kids+ from that time.
  • Device Compatibility: A smartphone or tablet is required to set up the device; a tablet is required for the remote person to connect with the child. The Amazon Glow app, available within the US for free.
  • Warranty: 2-Years Worry Free Guarantee.
  • Safety Information: This device is not a toy. Supervise your child’s use of this device. Glow is an electrically operated product and not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
  • Safety Information (Tangram Bits): Choking Hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Small parts may present a choking hazard to small children.


  • Interaction with Family Members that are Distant
  • Parental Control of Content
  • Parental Control of Contacts to Call and Time on Device
  • Free 1 Year Subscription to Amazon Kids+
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Easy Set-Up App
  • Device Comes With Glow Bits


  • Currently Sold By Invitation Only (Available in 2022)
  • Not for Kids Under 3 Years Old
  • Must Subscribe to Amazon Kids+
  • Limited To A Tablet To Communicate with Device
  • Device and Companion App Available In USA Only

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