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Nano Sparkle Cloth
Nano Sparkle Cloth




If you are like me, your car probably has some small scratches somewhere on it and would like to have them removed without the cost of a new paint job. New paint jobs can set you back a few bucks. Would you be interested in using something that even the car dealer’s use and auto car body shops? If you answered yes, then read on.

You just might be interested in the Nano Sparkle Cloth that removes scratches from your car’s surface without damaging the paint.

When car owners bring their cars into the body shop with small scratches, most shops will not repaint them. They will use the Nano Sparkle Cloth that removes the small scratches with ease.

Now, you can do what body shop owners do by using your own Nano Sparkle cloth to remove those minor scratches.

Video – The Nano Sparkle Cloth

This is a short video showing how to use the Nano Sparkle cloth. Take a look!

What Is This Cloth?

Nano Sparkle Cloth Technology
Nano Sparkle Cloth Technology

It’s a cleaning cloth that utilizes microfibers to get a deep clean. As it is cleaning, it removes small and minor scratches, scuffs, dirt, stains, and more!

It is made with nanotechnology and is infused with metal powder and mineral oil that provides the best cleaning available today.

It can be used on all surfaces or different materials for removing those minor scratches and scuffs. It also can remove sand wear marks, branch scratches, and paint oxidation.

If you look closely by the door handle, you just may notice some fingernail scratches. You can easily buff them out with this cloth.

You will be amazed on how well this cloth works in removing scratches.

How Does It Work?

Nano Sparkle Cloth Suitability
Nano Sparkle Cloth Suitability

When you first look at it you just might be thinking it is a regular car wash cloth. But it’s imbued with nanotechnology that contains a super-fine metallic powder that buffs out scratches without damaging the paint.

The sodium ions that are within the powder actually reactivates the paint molecules, which is why the paint seems to replace the scratch.

By polishing with the cloth, it also removes any oxide from the paint surface which helps keep it looking new longer.

This cloth works well on any paint surface including motorcycles and bicycles.

You just buff the area where the scratch is and wipe in a circular motion. Be sure that the surface is dry before using the cloth. The cloth is not used with water.

The Nano sparkle cloth for car scratches contains emulsifiers, lubricants, emollients, polishes and minerals to eliminate fine scratches, wax circles and oxide layers and faded paint.

The cloth can be reused up to 10-15 times.

Note: If you drop the cloth on the ground and is covered with dust or sand, do not use it again. It can cause scratches on the cars paint.

What Type of Scratches Will the Cloth Not Repair?

Nano Sparkle Cloth Repair Scratches
Nano Sparkle Cloth Repair Scratches

Below is a list of scratches that the cloth will not work on.

  • Exposed primer
  • Exposed black plastic
  • Exposed big area of primer
  • Peeling to the bottom ash
  • Deep scratches
  • Obvious cratering when hand touching

Tip: For all vehicles test a small area first to ensure compatibility.

How To Use the Nano Sparkle Cloth

Nano Sparkle Cloth How To Use It
Nano Sparkle Cloth How To Use It

Below are the specific directions on how to use this cloth.

  1. Clean the car scratch area first and wipe it clean and be sure it’s dry before going to step 2.
  2. Use the car scratch remover cloth to wipe scratches or dirt in a circular motion.
  3. Clean the scratch surface area using another microfiber cloth.
  4. Restores the paint surface to its original condition.
  5. Repeat the application for scratches that are not removed after the first one.
  6. When done, replace the cloth in its original bag and reseal.

Note: This process will not remove any deep scratches.


  • Removes minor scratches and marks from paint surface
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used on all types of paint
  • Uses ultra-microfiber and nanotechnology
  • Saves money (no paint job)
  • Removes oxidation from paint
  • Removes bird droppings and asphalt
  • Restores the cars shine
  • Can be reused up to 10-15 times
  • non-corrosive and will not stain paint surface


  • If cloth falls on the ground and picks up dirt, it must be tossed out
  • Cannot remove deep scratches
  • Requires hand buffing


Nano Sparkle Cloth Before and After Results
Nano Sparkle Cloth Before and After Results

You will be amazed by the results of the Nano Sparkle Cloth in how it removes those small scratches from the car. The cloth itself is not very expensive and you will save money by not taking the car to the body shop for a new paint job.

Before applying the cloth to the scratch, you must first clean the car’s surface. Never use the cloth with water.

If you should accidently drop the cloth on the ground, you must throw it away if it was dropped on dirt as it can damage the paint’s surface.

You will be happy and glad you purchased this cloth.

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